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Monday, September 22, 2008

VdV ING Criterium

So Christian didn't win the ING DC criterium, but that's OK. He has had a splendid season. I heard from one in the know that he doesn't really like crits because of the possibility of injury, especially this late in the season.

But he did take some time to hang with fans at a breakfast and at a signing on Saturday. What  nice guy. Above he is with a young fan (who looks psyched to have his pic taken with THE BEST bike racer in the United States not the universe) Below, he is bestowing his blessing on a future member of the peloton. Doesn't he have a cute smile? VdV- even though the kid (above) has a pretty cute smile too. I think the baby below may just have gas

I love this guy. He is just tooooo nice!

Random: Is it just me, or does the bald guy look kind of like Cadel's body guard?

More Randomness: Helen, what kind of sun glasses is C sporting in the pic above?


Karen said...

It's certainly not the bodyguard of Cadal ^^ The guy in the picture has more of a tan. but he's bald as well :p maybe vandevelde wants a bodyguard as well ;-)Christian and andy really are the most nicest guys of the peloton.

Maggie said...

I agree with you Karen. VdV and Andy are super nice.
I kinda think Jens F.A. Voigt is a sweetie too- in his own weird way.

Karen said...

Yeah i know I forgot about a lot of riders. Voigt is certainly very nice. But also cancelerra, Fränk, zabel, cavendish,...
But since this blog is mainly about andy and VdV i just mentioned them :p

sansen said...

Hmm, now I must specualte who Mr Bodyguard will protect next year, Cadel or Lance or Cavendish?

Rina said...

I agree with Karen.. Nice pictures... Just cant figure out the sunglasses..

Helen said...

Couldn't ya have picked photos were the sunnies don't blend into his top :P it's like looking at camoflauge. They'll be Oakleys but unless I see a better pic i can't tell you which ones. Sorry :[

What a sweetie though :]