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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vande Velde still in Yellow

Brad Huff (Jelly Belly) has had a great TOM
 photo: Lyne Lamoreaux
VdV is riding smart and thus retains the Yellow Jersey
photo: Casey B. Gibson

Christian Vande Velde keeps the yellow jersey at the end of the TOM stage 6. 

GC top 4 are:
  1. Christian Vande Velde (USA) Garmin Chipotle p/b H30
  2. Mick Rogers (AUS) Columbia
  3. Svein Tuft (CAN) Symmetrics
  4. Big George Hincapie (USA) Columbia
Stage 6 podium results:
  1. Mark Cavendish (GBr) Columbia
  2. Ivan Dominguez (Cub) Toyota United
  3. Brad Huff  (USA) Jelly Belly (I kind of like this guy- even though he is a sprinter- anybody who rides with a team named Jelly Belly is OK in my book.)
Apparently there were tons of crashes today. Not sure if anything serious. Must investigate further.


Helen said...

Brad Huff is cool! He's besties with Mike 'meatball' Friedman. Go CVV! Or Mick Rogers! I'm gonna ignore the stage results except for Columbia win two separate stages of races in different countries on the same day...again! You can have Cavendish over in the US, Columbia's Tour of Britain squad have Boasson Hagen, much better :]

sansen said...

Yum! Mmm, me gonna go buy me some Jelly Belly Jellybeans. Tehe? Hey, it'll support the team that'd be fun to see at the TdF.

Maggie said...

They do seem like a wicked fun team. Do you think they have what it takes for the grand tours?

Helen said...

As much as I'd love to see them in the Tour I think their biggest shot would be the Vuelta, but i just don't think they got it :[ I mean Garmin or Columbia couldn't get an invite so that tells ya something. But spaces are opening up what with Credit Agricoule and Gerolsteiner fizzing away. And potentially Scott-AB though i hope that doesn't happen...