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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

USOC Apologizes to Bobby Lea (sort of)

A Must Read. 


Helen said...

Wow, an e-mail. That'll make up for it when them getting abused went all over the news on TV etc.
Poor Bobby and Meatball.

Maggie said...

Kinda pathetic isn't it? Really more of a non-apology in my book. What pissed me off the most was that the USOC GAVE them the freakin' masks in the first place.

I love the USOC- NOT.

Hey what are we going to do to amuse ourselves during the off season? Someone should come up with something interactive and entertaining.

Helen said...

Agreed. I find it highly ironic that the USOC could so publicly slate the atheletes when they provided the masks and a handbook issueing them to do wear the masks! I mean is that not their faults? But obviously they get to hide in some room doing nothing for 99% of the time so the blame and hate goes to the athletes. Nice one you idiots in suits!

Oh lord, don't even mention the off season, it's gonna kill me! I didn't realise how much time i spend on cycling websites.
I'll probably just go back to photographing a hell of a lot and watching way too many films :[

Bridget said...

They call that an apology!? For being internationally humiliated- the only compensation they get is an email-how pathetic!