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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TOM Stage 1 pics

Garmin Chipotle's Christian Vandevelde and I think Big George

DZ and looks like Cav at the start

Overall Results for some of my faves: What happened to the Argyle Armada?
  1. Christian Vande Velde 37 (WTF?)
  2. Tyler Farrar  3
  3. Dan Holloway 16
  4. Danny Pate 20
  5. George Hincapie 20
  6. Steve Cozza 33
  7. Blake Caldwell 42
  8. DZ 95 ( was he in the crash? must investigate)
Everyone up to 96th is only 20 seconds behind, so there are a lot of opportunities for things to get shaken up. As Helen and Sansen say: Cav might not finish the race anyhow.


hemant said...

Your pictures and videos are awesome. Thanks for sharing with us.




Helen said...

If he does finish the race i hope he gets a medal that says 'Woah, my god, you, Sir big-mouth Cavendish finished a race! A whole race!!!' :] Isn't sarcasm a beaut?
Love the pics btw, Big George rocks, and hopefully DZ is ok, i'll leave the ToM stuff you and Sansen, i can't find anythng much about it and i have my work cut out with Vuelta and ToB stuff :p

sansen said...

Sir Big-Mouth Cavendish



Oh, and keep the coverage coming Milady Maggie!

sansen said...

Yo Magster, do you have this interview linked at the CVV fan Club? If not, you better because CVV speaks about CSC, including Andy.


Maggie said...

Good looking out, Sansen

Posted it to CVdV site. You're the best (no really, you are:)

sansen said...

Hey, I'm good at finding stuff...except carkeys and sunglasses.