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Monday, September 22, 2008

Team Sexy Bank 2007 (I think)

These pics are from a CSC training Camp and were taken by Tim Koelln

Love Andy's cowlick! 

DZ sans 'stache- eating what looks like gruel. "May I have some more, please, sir?"

A cold looking Jens F.A. Voigt- 2008 Tour de Pologne winner! F'ing A right he is!

Fab Fabian looks much better in this picture than in the one a couple of posts down.

Carlos Sastre Thinking: "Why the hell am I here? I could be home with my beautiful wife and new baby." 

Isn't this about the time he (and his wife) had their daughter?

Hey Sansen, what page are the Bettini and Zabel mugshots on? I couldn't find them.


Maggie said...

Never mind: I found the mugshots. Flippin' Hilarious. I think I saw them in the Post Office the other day. Something about larceny and grand theft auto.

Bridget said...

Awww Andy's a cutie! Fabian looks like he's straight off the catwalk :D

Karen said...

Those army outfits are hideous :D
but still some of them somehow manage to make them look good.

Helen said...

Fabian looks so sexy there.
And so does Ivan Basso...hm.
Bless Andy, he looks like an 18 year old who's been sent to war! Bobby Julich actually looks like a soldier! Love it.

Rina said...

Andy very hot sexey... Fabian too... Its from 2006 ladies..

Miss Maggie, Rina is still missing videos lol

sansen said...

*Laughs at Oliver Twist reference*

*Drools over Andy and Fabian in fatigues*

*Cringes at thought of Miss Maggie posting Bettini and Zabel photographs*