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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Team Astana- Jagshemash!

Thanks for the photo, Helen! Jagshemash!
Jagshemash = Typical Khazakstani Greeting made famous by Sasha Baron Cohen

I really love how the fans are actually yelling Jagshemash to the riders!

(note: the views expressed in this video (song by Sasha Baron Cohen- an Iranian Jew raised in England) about Jewish people are by no means shared by the author of this blog.)

Borat Man 2007 Tour de France- "Egregious"- Love that Word!


sansen said...

Cycle fans deserve to have more movie comedies involving cycling, I do say, to lighten their moods.

Maggie said...

In Kazakhstan it is illegal for more than five woman to be in the same place, except for in brothel or in grave.