Whose Gloucester video is better?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Relive Hautacam 2008


Rina said...

Frank did very well that day, Andy did alright but forgot to eat and drink enough so he got caugh..
A lot of things happend that day.
Thanks for posting the vids, I am trying to get every stage for you lol

Helen said...

Oh the Hautacam stage, good day and awful day. Valverde suffered and made Pereiro drop back to look after him and Andy lost chunks of time. But then Frank took such a good result and did so well. I was in Belgium watching this and going mental because i couldn't understand flemish and couldn't work out who had yellow.
Thanks Rina or Maggie, whoever provided these :]

Karen said...

Thanks for the video's cause i wasn't able to watch that stage live. I remember watching the summary in the evening and thinking this 1 and 2 of Saunier Duval is almost impossible. Too bad andy lost so much time during this stage cause otherwise he would have certainly end up in the top ten and CSC would have had more tactic opportunities.

Rina said...

LOL, that would be me Helen :-)
btw tour de pologne was anulled today by the riders because of heavy rain!

sansen said...

Wo-hoo, I can watch Menchov and Schlecks!