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Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Really, Really Great Day!

photo: John Pierce

#1 Reason it was a Great Day: Christian Vande Velde won the 2008 Tour of Missouri. Check out some new TOM albums at the Fan Club site.

#2 Reason it was a Great Day: Cav didn't win the stage/sprint.

photo: CSC

#3 Reason it was a Great Day: CSC Saxo Bank Kicked Ass at the Tour de Poland! Frankie S. came in 2nd, Fabian C. came in 3d, and Handy Andy came in 4th. 

#4 Reason it was a Really Great Day: My hubby came in 13th out of 70 at his psycho-cross race. He is stoked! (this pic is not from today- it's from the US Nationals at Mount Snow VT a couple of months ago + I think that was a mountain bike race) Go J-Dawg!

#5 Reason it was a Great Day: I got caught up on all of my work! AND was able to watch TOM while working on the website. Multi-tasking is great! Yay!

only 2 cups of coffee, too, you know who


sansen said...

Indeed, 'twas a great day for bike racing...or at least the little clique of Schleck-Vande Velde lovers which converge here. =-)

Maggie said...

Days like this only come a few times a year. I can't find any tour of poland pics yet can you?

sansen said...

The only photos I know of are three on the Team CSC Saxobank site.

Helen said...

There are a few on corvospro but none exciting or different.
I agree, it's a good day, but it could have better had Valv been able to take the stage win in the Vuelta, but I'll settle for CVV winning, Cav not winning and CSC winning.
Tell your hubby well done, that's damn good! Was he using his Scott? Or does he have a different one for the Psychocross?

Maggie said...

He used his Kona (Jake the Snake) I'm pretty proud of him!

Anonymous said...

There is one picture of Andy Schleck in Poland on Flickr. Can be found here: http://flickr.com/photos/8379226@N03/2859481226/

Karen said...

Indeed a great cycling weekend!
I'm so proud of team CSC! I thought the course might have been a little bit too short but obviously it wasn't. No pictures on cyclingnews yet :(
and I'm glad contador won twice this weekend. He totally deserves it after being rulled out of the tour de france without a decent reason.