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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

pics from 2008 TOM stage 1

Tyler Farrar Garmin Chipotle p/b H30 Came in 2nd behind Cavendish in Stage 1 of the TOM. Helen, could he be a future Tuesday Totty?

Click here for my ebud's pics from stage one. She's there for the duration, so I hope to have pics daily. Thanks Nikki!

Also might want to check out this blog for TOM updates. She's there too, interviewing and taking pics.


Helen said...

Erm how do I say this nicely....different men rock different people's boats. My boat upon seeing him is the definition of tranquil and calm. He's not my type and my strict rule for Tuesday totty is that i have to find them attractive, sorry. But you're welcome to him :]
Can't believe Cavendish won AGAIN. I shouted at my poor laptop muchos.

Maggie said...

C'mon, he's cute in a surfer dude kind of way.
I know I know- you like those Italians.

I can't believe Cav won again either. Where are my argyles? Not even on the podium today??!!

Random- I think if Lance comes back he should ride as a domestique. He should work for and help all the guys that helped him over the years. Just MHO

sansen said...

That darn Cavendish! I support Columbia, including Mr Kimmy Kirchen when not competing against Schlecks and CSC and/or Argyle Guys, but it has become ludicrous that all the other talented riders get swallowed by the sprints of one man. At this rate he will demand to be not Captain, but the Field Marshal!

Helen said...

I would probably rate him higher if he cut his hair and shaved properly, he cannot carry off either of the above mentioned traits. His face is fine though. And yes, I'm on an Italian kick atm :]

More Argyle! It NEEDS to happen. DZ needs to knock Cav flat on his ass.
I kinda agree with you, if he goes to Astana i think he should have to work for Alberto, not the other way round.

And Sansen, i already thought Cav had the entire Columbia team bowing at his feet and calling him Sir Fastest-Most unbeatable sprinter-King Cav after victories. Bleurgh. I actually like most of the Columbia guys minus him, why does he have to taint it.