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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Now That's What I'm Talking About!

VdV takes Yellow Jersey in TOM

Go Christian!

Christian Vande Velde took the time trial today at the TOM!!!!! He is now wearing the leaders jersey and is #1 in the GC!!
He came in at 39:52. Go VdV!!!!! Go Argyle!!

Michael Rogers took 2nd--20 sec behind VdV.

Don't see a certain cocky British sprinter in the top 10 for today. (You know who I'm talking about.) My voodoo doll worked!!!!!

Other riders of interest (and mostly argyle) include:

Hincapie 4th 1:02
DZ 5th 1:10
Tom Danielson 8th 1:23
Danny Pate 10th 1:24

According to the CN ticker: By virtue of his strong time trial, Vande Velde also takes over the leader's jersey. Having been a contender in this year's Tour de France, we know he stands a good chance of being able to defend the lead throughout the rest of the race, especially with a strong Garmin / Chipotle team on his side.

Bad News!! Blake Caldwell crashed in today's TT and was taken away in an ambulance. There is no word yet on how he is doing. I heard that he was conscious. 

I hope to have some pics from my bud today; especially as she is a big-time VdV fangirl!


Rina said...

Congratulations to him :-)


Officelwebsite for Tour de Pologne, starts this weekend.. Both brothers will be there :-)

Maggie said...

Cool- Thanks Rina!

sansen said...

VDV is incredibly intense (let alone handsome) in that Time Trial pic, much unlike Cav with his silver shoe colors that clashed with his yellow jersey. Oops, sorry that Miss fashionista is possessing me at present...Mwhahahaha?! Oh. I laso heard that Cozza removed his odd facial hair so I guess all Argyle Guys are going for the aerodynamic shave now.

Maggie said...

Cozza is also now the Best Young Rider in the TOM. Yay!

Helen said...

CVV and Mick Rogers on one podium, things are looking up for ToM :] Woop! How could Cav lose, he's the fastest man in the peloton?! I read somewhere he claimed Columbia would still hold yellow with someone else, Mick came close but Cav cursed that one.
Go Christian and his pretty pretty smile, and Cozza! :]
Side note- Sansen, your blog won't load for me :[

Maggie said...

huh, Sansen's blog loads for me. I think your computer is possessed, Helen.

Helen said...

:[ Probably, it was loading for me this morning and then i just tried getting on and my page says it's connecting but does nothing. Grr!

sansen said...

Ah, there isn't much to see and read there today.