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Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Little Disappointed.......

No I'm not disappointed with this photo by Tim Koelln. Andy looks great to me in this pic. A little gritty, yet still cute.

This is why I am disappointed:

Now, I know I will stir some controversy here, and I am ready for the full brunt of your rage. Let me preface this post by saying that you all know that I love Andy Schleck like an adopted son. The boy can do no wrong in my eyes.

However.......I am a little disappointed in his reaction to what happened at the 2008 Tour de Pologne. Rules are rules after all. 

Andy was very annoyed at his time loss because of a "stupid rule." The rule, in this case, is one that states that time lost due to a crash in the final 3K of the finish does NOT apply to hill top finishes. Now, Andy didn't seem too bothered by this rule on stage 6 of the 2008 Tour de France when yellow jersey wearer Stefan Schumacher touched Kim Kirchen's wheel (after Kim had touched his brakes) and crashed 300 M from the finish. This crash ultimately put Kirchen into the yellow jersey and allowed Frank Schleck to finish 4th in the stage. 

I believe that Andy's reaction to the "stupid rule" may reflect the passions of youth, and I believe that some day he will come to realize that as Bjarne Riis says, "It's not the first or last time something like this is going to happen." In my heart of hearts I hope that he will come to realize that rules is rules- even if they are stupid- and that if it's not fair to him, then it's also not fair to guys like Schumacher. As Kim Kirchen says in this video from after the stage, "that's the rules."

Typically, in a hill top finish you're not getting a massive sprint with a huge field. I think the rule only applies to flat stages for safety, so that everybody doesn't feel like they have to be in that front group, thus causing huge crashes that can wipe out the whole field.

According to Cycling News this is what happened in stage 6 of the 2008 Tour de France.

Anywho, I'm a little disappointed in my boy, but I'm sure that with experience he will be able to keep his anger/passions in check.

Love ya Andy!


Rina said...

Haha Maggie, you sweet..

Its from Tour de France, the article is from Tour de stage 6..
Rider Stefan Schumarcher crashed a couple of miles before goal and Andy plus some other riders got helded up by crashed. Because of rule stuff I cannot explain about, but thats why Andy is annoyed by time lost.
So its not from Poland lol

Just been annonce that Cancellera is not going to ride worlds.

Thanks for posting picture of Andy :-)

Rina said...

Btw in the video you can see how Andy has to crap something for to not to crash himself..

Maggie said...

Hi Rina,
Yup I know that it was from stage 6 TdF.

I was just comparing the 2 scenarios. Because if Andy is mad about the time lost during the tour of Poland- he should also have been mad about what happened to Schumacher during the TdF. But he wasn't.

Riders (Andy included) have to understand that the rules apply whether it ends up ultimately helping them (as the same rule helped Frank in stage 6 TdF) or hurt them (as the rule did to Andy in the TOP.)

As I said; I hope that as he gains maturity he'll be able to look at it that way. Or look at it as Bjarne Riis does in that sometimes "shit happens." and there's nothing you can do about it. Getting mad about it isn't going to change matters. Just makes him seem kind of bratty. (man I hate to say that.)

Rina said...

Oh, you are compareing.
To be honest, I have not heard that Andy lost time in Poland..
Did he do that? And where have you heard that from?
If he did, its because of the wheather there, and not like in the tour...
Like I have wrote earlier, Frank went out the last stage because of wheather...

I remember danish news stated after the stage that Andy was mad about the crash and the time lost.
Because of the crash and ect, Andy became 12 instead of in top 10..
Like said, shit happens and at least hes not stopped biking..
Dont pressure the guy more than nessesary lol

sansen said...

Heh, Little Andy has some temper he has been hiding from the peloton.

Rina said...

Properly heh, nothing is more sexier than a hot guy with temper heh

Andy can seem un-serious to be lame, but I think that is hes way to handle/tackle things ...
He is extremly talent no doubt..

sansen said...

Eek, there be piccies of Bettini and Zabel over there that look like mugshots.

Rina said...

Sansen your picture of Andy in the water has made my evening.... THANKS!

Helen said...

I thought he did complain about losing time in the Schumacher incident? I swear i remember reading it on the CSC site...
Nice photo!

Maggie said...

Holy crap! No Fabian? Weird.

Helen- You're probably right and Andy did complain about the TdF stage 6 incident, but I can't find any mention of it. That definitely does not mean that it is not out there. Find it and restore my faith in young Andy!

Aren't the pics cool?


Rina said...

Maggie, the article you have put with is pretty much tells how Andy felt after the stage, unless you want a danish article again haha
Keep the faith!

Anke said...

Wooooooowwwwww great photo!! Hmmmm ;)