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Friday, September 26, 2008

Just to distract you from the Frank non-issue- Don't worry he's clean

Canadian Mountain Bike Racer, Geoff Kabush, had a beer drinking contest in Beijing with a Chinese dude named Yao Ming.  I think Yao is faster, but why don't you check out the vid to see who you think can chug one fastest.

Operation Puerto- Go away- leave Frank Alone!


Helen said...

I don't want to dwell on it but...Do you know what I think sickens me most? The fact that OP is so three years ago and cycling was finally moving on from it. It seems every time the sport takes positive steps forward someone just has to go and re-dig into the past and try and drag it back down. The past is the past. Fact. What matters are if riders are clean now, and Frank is tested by the Damsgaard program as well as the UCI and non-UCI races, he’s never tested positive so the way I see it he’s clean now. I don’t know whether he did back then, but I’d be surprised if he did. He’s close friends with VandeVelde [which was during the 06 year yes?] and I can’t imagine him doing something that would harm his friends, family and most importantly Andy.
I do believe that not every rider has/did dope and I want to think Frank is one of them, but my God people, let the past stay in the past. We’re finally taking positive steps forward, promoting clean wins, kicking out the dopers and catching anyone who dares try and get away with it. There is clean, young generation coming through and I for one, would like to see OP just be closed and shoved in a file. Let’s get back to the present, the racing that’s going on now, the World Championships. We can’t change the past and it’s so long ago now who can really decipher the full truth, so just bury it and concentrate on the here and now and making sure everyone’s clean so we can take more positive steps.

Rina said...

Right on, lets get our mind on worlds tomorrow... Looking bunches forward to it!

Anke said...

I have a great column from Karsten Kroon, it's about Andy. It's so funny! Please tell me where to send it...

Maggie said...

Believe me I am giving Frank the benefit of the doubt, but it doesn't look good. German courts and prosecutors had access to the OP files (because they were investigating Ulrich)

They also had access to Fuentes bank account. The fact that they found a 6691 euro transfer going from Frank to Fuentes in 2006 looks really bad.

Now personally I do not believe that a mondy transfer alone is enough to prove any wrong doing on Frank's part. It could have been a legit Doctor treatment. But what with DNA nowadays and the blood bags in Madrid, and the supposed name of "Amigo de Birillo"

So now it's in Lusembourg's hands. I really hope that Frank was not involved, but the fact is that if he was it will equal a 2 year suspension. Yes that would destroy Frank AND Andy. Yes that would put pro cycling back a few steps. It basically sucks no matter how you look at it.

As I said before- just about everybody was doping back then. Yes the sport should leave the past behind and move on. But has that happened? No. The MO seems to be no matter how long ago the event occurred the UCI will suspend you.

I know that this isn't really the same, but look at Nathan O'Neal. The dude took appetite suppressants TWO WEEKS before a race. BAM- 15 month suspension.

Meanwhile all of the footballers and tennis players who Fuentes "treated" go on their merry way.

Maggie said...

That would be great Anke!

You can send it to maggie@christianvandeveldefanclub.com

I appreciate it!

Rina said...

I have just heard in the news that there has been a razzia friday 26 sep night at the hotel where luxembourg cycling team is staying in italy, but it had nothing to do with Frank or Andy. Was about Beniôt Joachim, and UCI has annonced that Frank is allow racing tomorrow...