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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Huffy Toss: Official Rules and Regs

For those of you unfamilar with the popular "Huffy Toss;" I thought I'd give you some background information in case you would like to sponsor your own event.

The following are the official Rules and Regulations:

1.Each Contestant will get 2 Throws

2. The 5 Contestants who have the furthest Throws will advance to the Finals

3. Each Finalist will get 2 ThrowsWith Prizes and Awards going to the Top 3 Places

More Details on how to run an "official" Huffy Toss:

1. Throws are to be made just as if you were Riding one on the Trail, with a Savage Disgust, so that it may never be seen again.

2. The Line will be the measuring point, not to be crossed by the Thrower.

3. The Heap, after being Thrown, may Bounce, Flip and even Roll to a Stop.

4. Once the Pig has Landed; the Official will measure from the Line, to the Furthest most point of the Wreck, regardless of what direction it Flies.


sansen said...

Bjarne Riis and David Millar would do well in this variety of cycling.

Maggie said...

True that, Sansen.

Hey Helen, is the Huffy Toss a US thing or do you guys do it over in the UK?

Helen said...

I reckon it's a US thing, i haven't heard of it before, though Millar's expertise throw means i could be wrong...