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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How NOT to Ride a Bike in NYC

This is a video about Alleycat Racing. It's usually cyclists and bike messengers in big cities. I know they do it in Philly too. It's definitely not sanctioned or official, but they do have to go through checkpoints etc.

Check this video. It's INSANE! These guys are nuts!

These guys are definitudinally NOT the pro peloton!

Here is an Alleycat Race in London


Anonymous said...

Andy called, Mike called, Lili called, Ellen called, Angel called, Jo called, Barbara called, Betty called, many sent cards. I guess they cared.

Rina said...

Maggie, I have a song/lyric you defenaly must have on your blog. Its with a band called The Killers and the song is called Andy you are a star.. A friend of mine told me about the song :-)

Maggie said...

Hi Anonymous,
Did you take your meds today?