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Monday, September 29, 2008

Hincapie Jeans= Cha Ching!

Well Helen and all who liked Big George Hincapie's new line of jeans, be prepared to fork over some buckerooskis, euros, marks, or whatever the heck you use for currency in your neck of the woods.  I emailed an inquiry about the lovely new denim line and here is the answer I received:

"I'm glad you're excited about the jeans. We will have them available for sale on our website or through retailers in Feb/Mar 2009. They should retail for 145 US$,( 99 euros, 739 Denmark krone, 175 australian dollars, 70 English Pounds, or 15,266 Japanese yen.) If your local store isn't carrying them, please order directly from our website. Thanks for your interest."

Steve Baker
864-298-2603 x104

(I inserted all of the conversions for your convenience. Thank you for your patronage and please visit the blog again soon.)


The Truth said...

This may seem a bit long but Andy Schleck's unreasonable values cannot be adequately described in less than a long essay. By way of introduction, let me just say that I receive a great deal of correspondence from people all over the world. And one of the things that impresses me about it is the massive number of people who realize that Andy insists that the Queen of England heads up the international drug cartel. Sorry, Andy, but, with apologies to Gershwin, "it ain't necessarily so."

In essence, I've tried explaining to Andy's protégés that Andy conducts himself in a superciliously pompous manner. Unfortunately, it is clear to me in talking to them that they have no comprehension of what I'm saying. I might as well be talking to creatures from Mars. In fact, I'd bet Martians would be more likely to discern that Andy insists that he has the mandate of Heaven to transform fear and its inculcation into the preeminent force ruling human existence. That lie is a transparent and strained effort to keep us from noticing that it has been said that he is leading us down a slippery slope of economic strife, social turmoil, cultural chaos, and nit-picky, snippy denominationalism. I, in turn, believe that his hypnopompic insights are continually evolving into more and more sinister incarnations. Here, I'm not just talking about evolution in a simply Darwinist sense; I'm also talking about how Andy's orations reek of revisionism. I use the word "reek" because Andy wants to attack my character. What's wrong with that? What's wrong is Andy's gossamer grasp of reality. In a larger context, Andy Schleck's nugatory memoirs remind us that acts of phallocentrism continue in our midst. Since I don't have anything more to say on that subject, I'll politely get off my soapbox now.

~ The Truth ~

Maggie said...

To The Truth,

The Hermeneutics of power within the global culture dictate that subordinates (such as yourself) will always find yourselves at adversity, and conflict with the institutions of power that dictate our every waking moment. (I won't get in to hynopompic states because that would require the introduction of an entirely new branch of psychology.)

Your argument is fundamentally flawed in that the paradox of living in a state of delusion does not necessarily mean one has accepted the dominant culture, nor the critical pedagogy of that culture. You speak of revisionism yet you mix your metaphors with Gershwin lyrics. Within the context of this universe, in which Andy Schleck is the Best Bike Racer; your arguments atrophy into the nothingness that is a black hole.

For crying out loud- take your meds, man!

helen said...

Wtf. This article in no mentions Andy. It's about jeans! And the truth, I'm sorry but you no nothing more than us mere mortals.

Anyway, I believe 70 quid for a good pair of jeans isn't so bad. Rock and Republic ones are in the hundreds of pounds category. Plus those are so pretty I might just do it. I live in jeans so it'd be worth it.
Thanks for researching Maggie :]

innaj87 said...

hmm...I've always thought my english to be pretty good, but I must admit - that made no sense at all.. For a minute there I was sure it was Cadel Evans leaving a comment, but I then realized there is no way he knows that big words:)...
I like the jeans though:).

Maggie said...

LOL- Believe it or not I actually understood what "The Truth" was saying. Unfortunately, I also understand that we are dealing with a seriously disturbed individual who knows a lot of big words. Luckily I be knowing lot of big words, too!

Anonymous said...

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