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Monday, September 1, 2008

Hamilton on the road to Redemption with USPRO Win

Michael Ball (Rock Racing) above with some of his so-called "Rock Girls."

Okey- Maybe I was unfair to Tyler Hamilton in my last post.  Above is the photo finish between Tyler Hamilton (Rock Racing) and Blake Caldwell (Garmin Chipotle p/b H30.) 

Check this article from USA today. He won yesterday's USA Pro Road Race, apparently without the use of performance enhancing drugs. I'll give Tyler the benefit of the doubt. He did his time. Maybe he does want to be a mentor to the youngsters of Rock Racing. Maybe he really didn't dope while he was one of the golden boys attached to Lance Armstrong. 

I just don't think so.

But just look at who he is working for. Michael Ball is like the biggest sleazebag in pro (if that's what you call a team that doesn't race in Europe) cycling. Now I don't personally care if people want to wear clothes "designed for sexually confident men and women," but, what does Michael Ball really bring to the table? NOT MUCH! Check out this blurb about Michael Ball and you'll get my point.

Is Rock Racing Good for Cycling?

I just don't think so.


Helen said...

Hm, I'm usually 100% with you but i gotta admit i'm not totally against Rock Racing personally. Ball has unusual approaches to cycling but he does love it and he has put 20 riders [many young Americans who couldn't get signed elsewhere] or so in business and what with so many US teams folding it can't be worse.
So long as they prove they're racing clean i'm ok with it. Like you i'm not 100% sure they are but i'll be optimistic and give them the benefit of the doubt until they actually prove me wrong.
However i do think the entourage they have is way OTT and all those girls has to be a distraction for the riders. Bet their wives love it ;]
I'll report back on Rock Racing after i've seen them at the TOB. It could change my opinion..

Maggie said...

You know me, Helen. I like to foster and create controversy. I'm hoping my RR ranking will bring some trolls out of the woodwork to lambast me. :)

Helen said...

Haha, i welcome diverse opinions, if we all agreed all the time life would be dull [unless its about how fabulous the Schlecks are of course..].
Roll on the lambasting!

sansen said...

the least biased comment I have in regards to Tyler Hamilton, Michael Ball, and Company is that Rock Racing is entertaining when it comes to designing racing kits.