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Monday, September 1, 2008

Hamilton Calls Michael Ball "Please Pay Me!"

After weeks of only receiving pay in the form of jeans, cocaine and Rock Girls; Tyler Hamilton calls his boss (Michael Ball- Rock Racing) and begs to be paid in cash.

Hamilton: C'mon man, I been eating ramen noodles since May. I just won the US Pro RR, man! Give a brother a break! I need cash! No, no, I'm straight with coke (that's how I won) I really need the cash, brah! I know you had to buy those 12 kits for everybody, but for real, I didn't sign on here to look G, I need to send some benjamins to my baby mama, man!


Helen said...

Haha. Is this actually true then? I'm a bit behind on the news and attempting to watch the Vuelta while typing.
I love that RR hat though..

Maggie said...

Of course it's true! ( the fact that Tyler was calling Michael Ball that is.)

Helen said...

Haha. Fair enough. I was kind of hoping the payment in jeans and girls was true...ah well.