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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fan Girl Chat Room Open for Business

So I added a chat room feature to the Christian Vande Velde fan club site. The room is located on the Contact Us Page. I figure that maybe during the long, boring, off season, and during the exciting "on" season we might want a place to chat in real time.

I believe you have to have java installed in order to use the room. Other than that it's pretty easy. I am able to get into it, but I am not sure if you guys can yet. It would be kind of boring to chat with myself, but I'll do it if I have to.

I'm thinking if anyone is interested we could have maybe some set times of operation when we are all on line.

Let me know what you all think. If you are not interested I'll disable it.



Helen said...

Sounds good to me :]

Maggie said...

I'm thinking we could inaugurate it during World's maybe? Live commentary by us as we watch the ticker/stream/tv whatever. Whaddaya think?

Otherwise- what times and days might be good for you. I'll be a total geek and start an Excel sheet with times peeps are available to set up hours of operation.

sansen said...

What happens if fanboys and fanguys arrive?

Maggie said...

We'll let them in, but if they get obnoxious I have the power to give them the boot. I can also bestow that power upon you and Helen if you want. We would be SYSOPs

I'm figuring it could be kinda fun during the big races. Probably not much action this winter, unless we want to console each other over our boredom.

Someone gets on our nerves- out they go. There's also an ignore feature.

Bridget said...

Sounds like a great idea :D

Rina said...

Sounds and looks good :-)

Helen said...

I can't really say when I'm around until I get my uni timetable but most Friday, Saturday nights I think.
And yeah, kick everyone out!!
I have to wait and see whether I'm working during the World Champs, hope I'm not :[