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Friday, September 19, 2008

Does the 'stache Give Power? Plus I love Garmin Chipotle p/b H30

So how psyched was I today when I got home and saw that I had received a care package from Garmin Chipotle! I guess they like the VdV Fan club site. Anywho, in addition to some wickedly awesome argyle socks and a cap; I got these cool cards about some of our fave riders. The one above is autographed by Tom Danielson. Yeah Boy!

VdV- My fave by all measurable criteria.

Dave Zabriskie: other people's fave. Now here is the question: Does the 'stache give power? Below is the back of the card with DZ sans stache. You decide.

Now here's Steve Cozza with Stache. Next pic he has no stache. Is power attached to the stache? Again, you decide.

Anywho, This totally made my day. Thank you Woody from Slipstream Sports! I totally did not expect such an awesome package. You guys truly rock in my book!


sansen said...

The mustaches distract and disturb the peloton like nothing else so perhaps they have some hidden lore about how mustaches possess riders, transforming them into Barbershop Quartet singers who love the sousaphone Conversation with these possessed people bore the riders on the slow stages who come in danger of following asleep in the saddle; therefore the 'staches must go! Now, to figure out what mullets do...

Helen said...

Steve Cozza looks so much nicer sans mustache, as does DZ. Some riders are meant to be clean shaven, others to be stubbly.

That's awesome though! Argyle rules.

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