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Saturday, September 13, 2008

8002 dnaloP fo ruoT

photo: Unicom
This photo has nothing to do with the Tour of Poland; I just like it.

The Tour of Poland starts tomorrow, September 14-20. Both Andy and Frank Schleck will be there. Here is the link to the Start List. Looks like there might be some live streaming and/or ticker at Cyclingfans.com. 

Looking forward to getting some new Schleck data to add to the info base. 


guesswho said...


We apologize for any optic difficulties experienced when reading text typed in Caps Lock due to Cancellara and Schleck excitement.

Maggie said...

Where they at?

Helen said...

Bring it on! I'm gonna be watching 5 hours of cycling a day :P Eurosport are showing Tour of Poland and then going straight to coverage of the Vuelta! Fab! The Schlecks and Cancellara+ Linus Gerdemann and Thomas Lovkvist, followed by a serving of Alejandro, Boonen etc.
Though I am a tad upset that Caisse d'Epargne aren't taking Nicolas Portal and Scott-American Beef have no De La Fuente or Capecchi :[ *sigh* Guess Frank and Andy and Fabian and Thomas will do ;]
That horn guy is like a disaster waiting to happen, how long before they fall off and take out an unsuspecting cyclist. Think he'll go to Poland, Cuddles is participating...

sansen said...

Superhero Andy!

Really, I mean it. I do. He's [Andy that is] got the Luxembourg flag tucked into his shirt like a real live superhero.

Bridget said...

Allez Andy!