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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Coup for Specialized Bicycles: Blow to Cervelo?

Andy Schleck's 2008 Season's Cervelo (Is that thing sweet-or what?)

Bye Bye Cervelo; Hello Specialized Bicycles for CSC Saxo Bank 

So, CSC' Saxo Bank's Bjarne Riis just announced that Specialized Bicycles will be the bike for the Team for at least 3 years. The team has been riding Cervelo bikes since 2003 and won this year's tour on a Cervelo. 

What's kind of interesting is that Cervelo ONLY makes Road Bikes; while Specialized makes Mountain Bikes, All-road & Freeroad, Road, Multi Street, Women's, Fuse BMX, and even kid's bikes. 

I'm not sure what model the team will be riding, so if anyone knows and can pass on the info I'd appreciate it.

Now basically, all we are talking here is the Frame- Specialized or Cervelo. The components could be anything from Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo , etc, etc. Wheels could be Mavic or Zipp, who knows?

Now- just so you know, I fear change. I also think that while Specialized are great bikes; Cervelos are in a class by themselves. 

What do you folks think of this change for CSC Saxo Bank? I'm interested in your opinions. Except for Monty.

Do you think Andy and the team will be happy with this change? Also, anyone hear anything about where Sastre might be next year?


Helen said...

The large difference is the amount of experience and money Specialized can bring Saxobank [yep, it's time to drop CSC soon enough so i'm testing it :[ ]. Specialized are a huge company and they have lots of experience. Yes Cervelo are class but Specialized can step it and ultimately I trust Riis, he's stated the team need perfection and he wouldn't settle for less. I personally think it's a good step-up for Saxobank but a mistake for Cervelo, they should have fought to keep Saoxbank because they were the reason many people wanted their bikes!

Maggie said...

I think you are right about Cervelo not fighting hard enough. You're probably also right in that I should trust Riis to do what is ultimately best for the team. After all, we're only talking frames really, right?

Helen said...

And shoes or shoe covers. I'm not exactly sure what we're talking other than frames yet, nothing's been announced. You'd think they'd keep Zipp wheels but who knows!

Rina said...

I think its great with Specialized for Saxobank, Cervelo is good but the new brand can be a hudge step up for the team.
The news here in Denmark has stated that Riis will arrange a meeting with Sastre after Vuelta and also says if carlos stays is because he feels safe at the team. Money will not be a subject lol
I hope Sastre stays and of course both schlecks so far :-)

Maggie said...

I really hope Carlos stays with Saxo Bank. I'm betting that he will.

Helen said...

Sastre would be silly to go elsewhere because i doubt any other team would give him the same freedom [he doesn't command much in terms of what he wants and it annoys other riders sometimes] or that youngsters would respect him so much. However, things aren't sounding good cos Riis says they need to 'define his role', which to me translates as Carlos has to understand Andy is number 1 next year. And if I was Carlos, having just won the Tour, i wouldn't really like hearing that. So while i think he'd be stupid i could understand it. If he were to leave he'd be better at Katyusha than the Cervelo team i think...

linda said...

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