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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Can Someone Please Give me Some Answers???

What happened to Andy and Frank Schleck at the Tour of Poland? I can't find any news anywhere and rumors, and sugarplums are dancing in my head. Does anyone know what the story is??? Help a sister out and tell me that the boys are OK.

Congrats to Jens Voigt (he rocks)


Rina said...

Sweets the boys are okay, properly already back in Luxembourg..

Frank went out at the last stage but is alright and Andy is not in top 20.
Frank and Andy will be at the worlds next week :-)

Source: www.http://www.teamcsc-saxobank.com/ and www.cyclingnews.com

I have got videos and please tell Anke that more Holland videos is welcome lol

Maggie said...

Thanks Rina! Glad to hear they are OK! I was worried there.

I emailed Anke and asked her to send the vids, so hopefully she will. :)

Rina said...

Well now you dont need to be it anymore lol
Poland is not the best place to bike, but Voigt did fantastic in the end. Nice win for him before winterbreak.

Would be great if she sent the vids, I will send you stuff from Pologne later.

Anke said...

I haven't got your mail... Maybe you've seen them already, 2 vids about the Amstel Gold, the day after. They are drinking coffee, eating and talk about the race.

Karsten Kroon says that Fränk is the best racer and Andy is the nicest ;)


Team CSC after the Amstel Gold Race part 1
Team CSC after the Amstel Gold Race part 2

Bridget said...

Awww I definitely hope they're okay, I'm sure they are. Crappy weather and a long season might've done it! Can't wait til Worlds :)
Lol I love that video after Amstel Gold :D