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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cadel Evans: Perhaps the most polite rider in the peloton?????

So, I'm reading Andrew Hood's article in Cycling News about Cuddles' reaction to Lance Armstrong's return to racing. The first thing that strikes me is that Hood calls Evans "perhaps the most polite rider in the peloton."

WTF??? I mean- Is this guy serious, or is this a tongue in cheek jab at Evans? After all, towards the end of the blurb, Hood mentions Cuddles' tantrums with fans and press. 

More Reasons why Cadel Evans Sucks:
  1. Always the wheel sucker- never the leader
  2. He's from Australia, perhaps one of the coolest nations/continents in the world, yet he is a complete loser in all measurable ways.
  3. He has a squeaky, annoying voice
  4. His laugh just sounds sinister
  5. He is in 99th place of the Tour of Poland, for god's sake
  6. He has and carries stuffed animals around in public
  7. He is seriously scary looking
  8. Cadel hasn't realized that once you are in the spotlight (whether you want to be or not) you should behave- otherwise you will have blogs like this one started in efforts to crush you at any opportunity
  9. Look at him
Andy Schleck Rocks! Cadel Evans Does Not.


sansen said...

Those villain eyebrows must go if the media will ever embrace him.

Helen said...

I couldn't be bothered to read that article, seeing it's about him or him talking, well i'd rather gouge my eye out with a fork :] Fun times.
Still, most polite rider? I've never heard him called that...must have been tongue in cheek.

On the subject of his eyebrows every time i see a photo or video of him i expect to see one of them on another part of his face, crawling around. They're like frigging caterpillars man!

Helen said...

btw I didn't mean your article, i mean the one they do asking him about Armstrong. You articles rock of course!

sansen said...

Next up, for the enjoyment of Miss Helen: Interview with Mark Cavendish on his plans to ride with Sir Lancelot.

Anonymous said...

Cadel rules, Andy drools.

sansen said...

Anonymous at 6:22, you must specify what Cadel rules because some reader may not know to infer that he rules the professional peloton. You also need to specify what it is Andy is drooling over, whether he is exhausted from pursuing Cadel or simply drooling over pretty podium girls and/or shiny new bicycles. Thank you.

MontyZooma said...

sansen, you are a dick....
is that the best reply you could come up with?
leave sledging to the experts. stick with being annoying....

Bridget said...

I don't really think there was a call for such vulgar language, Monty

MontyZooma said...

sansen, you are a penis....

and bridget, you are a penis too.

Maggie said...

Now Now people.
Let's all remember that Monty can't be held accountable for his inappropriate behavior. He is a troll. Trolls:

1. All have Tourettes Syndrome
2. Are extremely jealous of others' happiness because they have none of their own
3. Have no genatalia at all( which causes them to become morbidly obsessed with the genatalia of others.)
4. Are all Cadel Evans fans for some reason.

Have a great day all!

Rina said...

It all sounds like something from South Park, how funny..

Monty I dont think it is proper langues to use for this blog, unless if you are talking about yourself.
Actually doing something here.
Don't blame us for Cadels being, blame him. Not saying he isn't a good rider, he just not a Schleck rider you know..

Maggie missing videos lol
Pictures of stage 4 from tour de pologne at http://cyclingnews.com/photos/2008/sep08/poland08/index.php?id=/photos/2008/sep08/poland08/poland084/gallery-poland084

Have a great weekend :-)

Helen said...

You know what I find amusing, the troll bites every time. Like a fish to a hook. Reel it in, reel it in, mwhahah.

sansen said...

Monty made the effort to type my name! Well, I am honored by this acknowledgement of my "annoying" existence; perhaps I ought to confess to missing your insults.

Hmm, thinking of the name Monty makes me want to watch "Withnail and I" because the Uncle Monty character is so amusing.

Maggie said...

I was thinking the Full Monty- NOT!

EWWWW! That is an image I DO NOT need in my head

sansen said...

My apologies Miss Maggie.