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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cadel Evans' Bike for the 2009 Season: Huffy wins by a Landslide!

The Cranbrook by Huffy is one of the bikes that Silence Lotto
 is looking at for the 2009 Season

Cadel Evans has been pushing director Coeman Geert to go with Huffy's Green Machine. 
(Seen Above.)

Have any of you ever been to a "Huffy Throw?" It's an awesome event held by many bike clubs here in the States. I'm guessing Cadel can chuck either of these suckers a ways! (Especially if someone touches his dog.)


Helen said...

Haha. That green thing is a beast of a bike :p He'd be the envy of every other rider..

Maggie said...

Right? It would look great with those Rock Racing Green kits, wouldn't it? Maybe Michael Ball will sell them the rights.

Helen said...

oh yeah, it'd be visual heaven! Maybe RR could sign Cadel, since they're so rock and he throws tantrums they could work