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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blake Caldwell Tour of Missouri Crashed

Tour of Missouri Stage 3 2008, Wednesday, September 10, 2008

24-yr-old Black Caldwell crashed in yesterday's Time Trial at the Tour of Missouri. He was airlifted to the hospital after his front tire blew out on the course's fastest corner. His injuries include a broken clavicle, a broken sternum, a fracture to his iliac wing (hip bone) and minor lung contusions.

According to Garmin Chipotle's Jonathan Vaughters "He blew out his front tire and yard-saled. It's especially tough for him. With a lot of these young guys, we finally get them around to where they are starting to break through, and then something like this happens."

Well wishes to Blake for a speedy recovery.


Bridget said...

Ouch! What a way to go down :( I hope he recovers quickly!

Helen said...

:[ Omg, poor Blake. I wish him a speedy speedy recovery, ouch.