Whose Gloucester video is better?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Because I got nuttin' right now.

From TOM Stage 2.  Is this dude going into or coming out of Victoria's Secret? What do you suppose he bought? Who is he?


Helen said...

Well it's a symmetrics rider, and for me it looks like Andrew Rendall because he has a tatoo on his right calf and i think i can see a little of one. Don't say i don't know my cyclists :p Bet i'm wrong now i've said that.
He's easy buying something to chat up a podium girl with, like "hey pretty, i bought you underwear!". That'd probably scare some girls off...hm. Or maybe a trip into Victoria's secrets, being surrounded by pretty girls and naught underwear gees him up for his ride!

Helen said...

Oh and talking of symmetrics any photos of Cameron Evans you come across would be appreciated to go into my library, he's a cutie. Finally a good looking Evans :p