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Thursday, September 4, 2008

As the Toto Turns???

While I think I kind of understand this cartoon;(click link for larger image.) I find that there are some ambiguous, arcane jabs/digs/chuckles that I am missing. I am asking you, my faithful readers to try to help me interpret this. I know the guy with the microphone and glasses is from The Office, but the Toto reference is throwing me. Did/does Tyler Hamilton have a dog? Does he THINK he has a dog?

I implore you to help me with the expertise, insight, and overall brilliance that you have demonstrated 
on this blog thus far. 
(Except for Monty.)


Helen said...

You obviously didn't read that particular blog i had about riders and theirs dogs ;] Pft! He had a golden retriever called Tugboat who passed away in 2004, Tyler had had him for 10 years since the dog being a puppy so they're implying because he has a thing you can buy [like a toy boy that remembers Tugboat cos he was big among the fans] that he's obsessed etc. I used to be a huge Hamilton fan :]

Maggie said...

I admit that I'm a little slow. Sometimes I have those "senior moments." Thanks for the clarification, H.

Helen said...

Haha, no problem. I'm having one of those i should go to bed moments because i put toy boy instead of toy bone :[ ah! it's 2.30am what can i say..

Anonymous said...

Tugboat died during the peak of Tyler's doping episode and he was alleged to have said that the "medications" were for Tugboat. The Toto cartoon (Toto refers to the scalawag Italian rider Savatore Comesso, aka Toto), so the Toto is Comesso, not Tugboat