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Monday, September 1, 2008

Another Reason I don't Like Rock Racing: Or Mario Cipollini, Please Stay in Retirement!

Call him the Lion King, Super Mario, Mario the Magnificent; I don't care, I'll still call him a jerk! Yeah I know he invented the "lead-out train." I know he had some wins in his day (probably all on dope.) Mario Cipollini sucks! Check out his website if you don't believe me (and the Caesar outfit above doesn't convince you.)

Rock Racing's Owner, founder, CEO, whatever, (Michael Ball) convinced Super Mario to come out of retirement (WHY?) earlier this year to race on his team of bad boys. Apparently the two mega egos didn't mesh well, so Cippo went into one of his famous fits and retired yet again. Good. Stay there Cippo.

Nice pic here, Cippo. The cigarette really makes you look cool. What's with the Buckaroo Bonzai glasses anyway. Are you stuck in the 80s or what?

You have got to be kidding me. Seriously. This guy is a sex god? He looks like one of the Hanson Brothers or something.


Helen said...

Ew, a sex god?! Are you kidding me? It wasn't a shocker when he his huuuge ego had a spat with Michael's Ball equally huuuge ego. That must have been a bad day to be another rider/ staff member.
Those shades could make a comeback ya know, I've seen Cadel sporting some purple ones, why won't he push it all the way?

sansen said...

What ever will we do if Cadel becomes the Sex God of Cyclists? It would not be as horrible as, say, Laurent Brochard was in his heyday, but it would be on par with Vladimir Karpets being considered cuter than every rider on CSC and Garmin.

Helen said...

Oh Vladimir Karpets...creator of the mullet no? ;]
BTW I'm looking for fresh ideas for my Tuesday totty article, ie riders i haven't featured before/haven't talked loads about. Suggestions of riders worth considering?

Maggie said...

How bout Steve Cozza? I kinda like the stache. Or how bout Popo? I love that guy!

sansen said...

How about Roman Kreuziger, Philippe Gilbert, Gerald Ciolek, Marcus Burghardt, or one of the Chavanel brothers? They are not as, say, irresistable eye candy as some riders but are better than other choices who do not need any morale boost [Read: Cavendish and Cunego].

Helen said...

I dunno, i kinda feel the love for Sylvain Chavanel and don't worry Cavendish and Cunego will NEVER make my Tuesday totty article.
Roman is ok but i prefer his teammate Vincenzo Nibali [think i'm on an Italian kick atm!]