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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Andy Schleck: Olympics 2008

Thanks Sansen for turning me on to these pics of Andy at the
 2008 Olympics in Beijing. 
Doesn't Andy look bummed in this picture? I can't read the captions on the site, so I don't know if it was before or after the RR. I am guessing after. If anyone can translate the captions it would be appreciated.

On the road with the peloton

Is this a pic from the final sprint? Again, if anyone can translate, you'd be doing all of us Anglophiles a solid.

I'm telling you! He looks seriously bummed! He missed the medal by a heartbeat.

Passing the Great Wall.


emma said...

Yep, the first pic is after the RR.
And the other one is also the final sprint, i guess.. I'm not completely sure, but i think so.

Helen said...

How cute does he look. And sad-faced :[ bless!

Bridget said...

Cutie :D
Hmmm... I put the captions through Babel Fish translator and it's just copyright blah. Aww, I was so sad for Andy when he missed out by less than a second! :( I was screaming at the TV, but he's still got a few more Olympics coming his way! Anyway, still an absolutely remarkable effort by him.

Anonymous said...

There are no real captions. They just say how to find these pics (e.g. by searching for Luxembourg, Schleck,...) and that they were taken on the RR. So no need to translate ;)

I love your Blog, Maggie! I take a look a few times every day while I should actually work on my essays for University.

Greetings from Germany, Hanna

sansen said...

He looks so huggable in the first photo.

Karen said...

omg he looks even more cute when he's sad. I don't want him to be sad but he's not making it easy by looking like this!

Maggie said...

It's true- the first pic just makes you want to hug him and tell him that 2012 will be HIS Olympics!

Anonymous said...

I saw the race on televison and litterly screw a bottle on my television screen because I just felt with him after the raced finish.
Andy were amazing, and then shit happen lol
Great picture, hugable for sure :-)

Rina :-) said...

the last comment was by me!