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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Andy Schleck is Officially the Best Bike Racer in the Universe!

Well folks the votes are in; the poll is closed, and I have officially named Andy Schleck the Best Bike Racer in the Universe. Yes, I know the poll only asked you to decide who was a better rider; Cuddles Evans or Andy Schleck, but I have taken it upon myself to crown him as Mr. Universe

A whopping 78% of those polled voted for Andy; while only a paltry 21% voted for Cadel Evans. (I think my husband and my daughter voted for Cadel just to mess with me, so actually the Andy percentage is probably even higher.) After running the numbers through my highly sophisticated statistics program (a calculator) I have confirmed these numbers 
and declare Andy a Biking God.

Look at the picture above; that white smile, the gestures of friendship and kinship with his fellow riders, not to mention the fact that he just rocks!

Now look at the picture of Cuddles. This guy is seriously struggling, he cannot breathe, he's pissed off, and to me it looks like the onlookers are laughing at him. My interpretation- you can interpret it as you will. But numbers don't lie! 

Andy Schleck is a better Bike Racer than Cadel Evans!


Helen said...

Not really a surprise is it :] but still, woo!

Maggie said...

No one can say I'm biased. (I can though) The numbers have told the story.

Can't wait to hear what Monty has to say :)

Helen said...

The numbers tell the story but you [and me] are biased. Why shouldn't we be? Cycling is essentially about the results but we're allowed our fave riders and opinions, makes it a more interesting sport.
I'm sure he/she/it/the thing will find a way to dispute it and bring the word trite into it....again. Yawn.

Bridget said...

Allez Andy! Allez Andy! :D

MontyZooma said...

Andy will be a better bike racer than Cuddles in a few years no doubt.....but...the best bike racer in the universe? Nope, don't think so. Maybe in Luxembourg. Maybe in his home town.
The best bike racer in the universe is yet to be born....he will be the son of Cuddles and his beautiful wife Chiara.....
P.S. do you know the news about frank and the new russian team?

Helen said...

Ew. Cadel and Chiara making kids...ew. Thanks Monty, way to make a gal feel queazy. Though Chiara is pretty, i'll give ya that.
And don't try and mess with us about Frank and that multi-million money throwing Katyusha, the Schlecks are signed to Saxobank till 2010, so hush. Unless you mean Sastre in which case his name is Carlos, so you're still wrong.
Anyway, Maggie, thought you might like this well piece off podium cafe. "Silence-Lotto will ride the German frameset, Canyon. Canyon previously sponsored the doomed Unibet.com. Hopefully, this new sponsorship will work out better. Read all about them on their lovely website."

MontyZooma said...

Mmmm, you seem to be in the know....but contracts aren't worth the paper they're written.
Each of Saxo-Banks riders have a 'buy-out' clause in their contract. Mr Riis is more astute (and more of an arsehole) than people think.....
Watch out or Robbie McKewen will be riding alongside frank at the tour next year.....

sansen said...

Well, what hadst thou hear with thine ears? If Frank has become involved with the Russians (which Russians are meant, I do not know, though I assume Katusha/Katyusha and/or Tinkoff is what is being referred to) than Bjarne must have said something to insult him to the extreme though I do not imagine that Frank and Andy would enjoy being on seperate [sic? Still a word I spell wrong too ofte] teams unless there was some gigantic feud over the phone numbers from pretty, flirty Podium Ladies.

Maggie said...

Allez Andy! Allez Andy!

Thanks for the news Helen. I'll check out the Canyon Website. Are you sure it's not Huffy or Raleigh? Will they be getting those nice little streamers to go from the handlebars? Maybe clothespin some cards to the wheels for the nice Harley sound?

Maggie said...

Separate--It's the middle "a" that always screws people up.

you start your blog yet, Sansen?

good site recommendation you all probably know about:


Oh yeah- I'm psyched- I can now download vids from cycling village.

Also have an internet friend who will be going to the T of Missouri. She will be sharing photos and writing blog entries. She rocks!

Helen said...

Yes Monty I am in the know, thanks. And I know they have clauses [what big riders don't, infact it's so common i feel the need not to mention it..] but unless something seriously fucks up between Frank and Andy they'll never ride on separate teams. Frank said he finds it hard enough riding against him [like in Liege-Bastogne-Liege] where Andy attacked to push up the pace and Frank had to attack him. :]
And yes the fact they'll be sponsoring Silence has been confirmed on Cyclingnews.com and other sites in the know.
Ah you registered then Maggie? And Sansen, you're starting a cycling blog, yay! :]

sansen said...

Well, it seems some people (*Cough, cough*) are pressuring me to detach my cycling commentary from my regular run-of-the-mill blog that mishmashes eveything from fanfic to fashion.

Oh yeah, I had a fashion blog at one point too. Heck, it would be so easy to set up, but it would be ast LiveJournal since melikes the set-up there. And I could mess around with cycling superhero ideas, yeah!

And maybe some trolls would come a-calling...

sansen said...

All right, I got it all set up so Anons may comment:


Helen said...

Woo. I'll link you on my blog, but i'm not sure about troll visits, i've not had any yet.

Rina :-) said...

Yay, go Andy! But I am not surprised eaither :-)
Have you head the news girls? Sastre is officelly leaving team CSC. It has been annonce on the officel page and the news!

Maggie said...

Hey Rina,
I briefly looked at the Saxo Bank site and didn't see anything about Sastre leaving. Have to leave for work. Will try to investigate further. Can you tell me where you found the info?


Rina :-) said...

I have heard in the television news, and it is at the officel TEAM CSC SAXO BANK site.
The link is


Let me know if you still cannot find it.

There will be a pressconfrence here later as I know, Riis has told danish news that that focus now will be on Frank, Andy and Fabian.
All I know so far :-)

Helen said...

I have Satre's website statement on my blog, along with news that Scott Sunderland [the number 1 directeur sportif] is following him :[ hm.