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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Andy's Overbite

Now I don't know about you guys, but I think Andy Schleck's little overbite is just too cute! That and his cute cleft chin and inquisitive eyes just add up to complete and total cutatude in my book.

For some reason, Andy often has a look of surprise on his face that is truly endearing to me (his self-appointed adoptive American mother) 

Just look at him! How could this sweet boy have anything to do with the Queen of England's Drug Cartel? How could one possibly believe that young Andy is deliberately trying to destroy the character of the troll known only as "The Truth." 

He Can't, I Say! 

Love this pic where Andy looks like he is asking, "You want me to do what?" 

All pics are from the Schleck fan club site and were taken at the dnaloP fo ruoT. I don't see any credits, or I would have listed them. Honest.....I would have.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hincapie Jeans= Cha Ching!

Well Helen and all who liked Big George Hincapie's new line of jeans, be prepared to fork over some buckerooskis, euros, marks, or whatever the heck you use for currency in your neck of the woods.  I emailed an inquiry about the lovely new denim line and here is the answer I received:

"I'm glad you're excited about the jeans. We will have them available for sale on our website or through retailers in Feb/Mar 2009. They should retail for 145 US$,( 99 euros, 739 Denmark krone, 175 australian dollars, 70 English Pounds, or 15,266 Japanese yen.) If your local store isn't carrying them, please order directly from our website. Thanks for your interest."

Steve Baker
864-298-2603 x104

(I inserted all of the conversions for your convenience. Thank you for your patronage and please visit the blog again soon.)

Check it Yo

I know this has nothing to do with cycling, but I heart Michael Cera. This is an online show he does with his bud, Clark Duke. It's flippin' hilarious....if you are a Michael Cera fan (SuperBad, Juno, Arrested Development.)


Someone want to tell me why Allessandro Ballan is eating his jersey? Don't they usually bite the medal? Is he hungry? 

The Boys in Varese

photos: Sirotti www.cyclingnews.com
Andy at the front of the field

Frank looks relaxed and happy

VdV in Stars and Stripes

photo: Graham Watson

Found this pic in CycleSport America. It was taken after his awesome performance in the ITT at the TdF. Happy Guy!

I actually got to watch the recap of TOM yesterday on Versus. Sir Phil commentated. It was pretty good coverage considering that it was 2 weeks late :S

Sign Petition Here: Stop the Witch Hunts But not the Troll Hunts (I suspect Monty is a troll I am currently battling in a forum.)

Sunday, September 28, 2008


First and foremost, congratulations to all of the riders who participated in the World Championship Men's Elite Road Race today. 265K after a LOOONNGG season is no easy feat.

However, my disappointment is many faceted and verges on pissed-offatude.

  1. The coverage of pro cycling in the United States SUCKS! I had to watch the live stream from some dude in Turkey named Ozzy. Swear to god! Now Ozzy likes many sports including Formula One racing (I guess it's the NASCAR of Europe of something.) So for 90 minutes of the race Ozzy had the Road Race in this little teeny tiny window, while the F1 race dominated my screen. Now I don't fault Ozzy for this- he would probably have been lynched by the guys at the town bar if he hadn't shown the F1 race, but it sucked for cycling fans. In his defense, after enough of us bitched he gave cycling half the screen until the F1 race was over. Thanks OZ- Loved you in Black Sabbath.
  2. Now because Ozzy's version of the race had audio that was in Turkish or something I had to use an audio feed from Eurosport. This was OK except for the boring Irish guy that Helen tells me is named Sean or something. I also had the CN ticker going and Helen in the chat room to keep me up to speed.
  3. So the race is over and guess what they are showing on Versus today?  The Tour of Missouri! Thanks a lot guys- the recap will be great, but WTF? Can we maybe have a little bit more consideration in terms of the time lapse between a race and when you decide to show it on TV? Is that asking so much?
  4. Alessandro Ballan won. 

5. Damiano Cunego (the Little Prince) came in second. Go get a touch up on those roots dude.
6. On a lighter note; Italy didn't dominate the podium, thankfully Matti Breschel of Denmark took 3d.

7. This was not my dream podium.
8. Of my faves: Andy Schleck did not finish, Frank Schleck came in 41, Valverde 37. OMG! This was like the race from hell!
9. On another lighter note a couple of Garmin riders did pretty well. Steve Cozza (a young whipper snapper) came in 23 and was in the 2nd chase group at least. And Julian (Kiwi Guy) Dean arrived with the peloton at 4:53 for 35 place.

Bettini said his goodbyes and now, so will I, in order to watch the 2 week old coverage of the TOM on Versus.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Apparel (Maggie's Fashion Tips)

Love these Argyle Power T's- I bought the Giro'08 because 
I thought it was the prettiest!

Don't forget to have your voice heard! Sign the petition. I know I know Basso et al. But they were at the beginning of this OP mess. Too much time has passed. There has to be some kind of statute of limitations or something. 


I created a petition. Check it out at:


Let me know what you think of the wording. Also, how can/should I send this to UCI?

If you like it send the link on to as many people as you can. Let's shoot for 1000 signatures this week!

Funny Andy Story

Thanks to Anke for translating this funny story about Andy Schleck (in 2007) from Karsten Kroon's web site.

Blankets Closet

Andy Schleck is the younger brother of Frank Schleck. Both are teammates, but Frank is a lot further in his career. I shared a hotel room with the youngest Schleck this week and we had a great laugh. Andyis 21 and just a young dog with lots of energy.

Every night he woke me:

  1. The beds were very close together, and I woke up because Andy's feet were in my bed;
  2. In the middle of the night Andy (accidentally) turned on the television because the remote was under his butt;
  3. I woke up because Andy put his hand on my arm (in his sleep)
  4. Andy woke me because I was snoring;
  5. Andy had to pee and he didn't know where the bathroom was, so he ended up in the blanket closet!
We had a lot of fun!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Just to distract you from the Frank non-issue- Don't worry he's clean

Canadian Mountain Bike Racer, Geoff Kabush, had a beer drinking contest in Beijing with a Chinese dude named Yao Ming.  I think Yao is faster, but why don't you check out the vid to see who you think can chug one fastest.

Operation Puerto- Go away- leave Frank Alone!

Holy Crap!

Thanks Sansen (I think) this definitely distracted me. 

Question: Why is Chiara smiling/laughing while Cuddles is obviously having one of his oh so famous meltdowns?

The other woman in the pic looks totally nonchalant about the tantrum as well. Are they just so used to this kind of behavior that it rolls off their backs?

The eyebrows are in a particularly disturbing new position as well. I can definitely see Helen's caterpillar analogy working here.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Paperwork sucks! I am buried in minutia, and everyone wants everything yesterday. Every day there is a new initiative, directive, file, whatever. My job is seriously interrupting my blogging. 

Meetings also suck. I like to fill in all of the letters- e, a, b, etc in the agendas as I imagine what my next post will be, or what I plan for the VdV Fan Club Site. And why do people always have to ask dumb questions. My group of curmudgeons huddles at a corner table and growls and snaps at the jerks who always have to go on and on about some meaningless non-point.

On a lighter note: Be sure to pre-order your own Garmin Chipotle Water Bottle. They look cool and supposedly promote, clean ethical racing. I ordered two. :P


Frank: Dude, I'm trying to take a nap here.
Andy: Keep bothering him. He has been like sooo on my nerves all day!
Frank: Whatever, little bro.
Andy: Why did you make me wear the same shirt as you anyway? And, WTF? It's my turn to wear the Oakley's dude!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nice Shot of VdV from TOM

photo: John Pierce

Thanks to Kathy from Slipstream Sports for sending me this pic of Christian VdV at the start of stage 1 2008 Tour of Missouri in St. Joseph.

He looks rather contemplative, don't you think?

You can never get too much of a good thing.......

Choose the Cutest of this bunch. Thanks Rina!

My vote is Andy of course.

 I think Helen already has this on her blog, but what the heck. When it starts to get cold and gray where you are you can call up this image and imagine that you are holding the camera, and the boys are about to take you out on a sailboat or something. Use your oh so vivid imaginations!

 Or if you have faux Photoshop (sansen) you can insert your picture into the gang if you wish to.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Is this Frank or Andy?

Now I know the bottom one is definitely Andy, but the top one has me a bit stumped. Sometimes the boys look a lot alike to me. Especially in full TT kit. Is it Frank or Andy? I think Andy, but I just can't be sure.

VdV ING Criterium

So Christian didn't win the ING DC criterium, but that's OK. He has had a splendid season. I heard from one in the know that he doesn't really like crits because of the possibility of injury, especially this late in the season.

But he did take some time to hang with fans at a breakfast and at a signing on Saturday. What  nice guy. Above he is with a young fan (who looks psyched to have his pic taken with THE BEST bike racer in the United States not the universe) Below, he is bestowing his blessing on a future member of the peloton. Doesn't he have a cute smile? VdV- even though the kid (above) has a pretty cute smile too. I think the baby below may just have gas

I love this guy. He is just tooooo nice!

Random: Is it just me, or does the bald guy look kind of like Cadel's body guard?

More Randomness: Helen, what kind of sun glasses is C sporting in the pic above?

Team Sexy Bank 2007 (I think)

These pics are from a CSC training Camp and were taken by Tim Koelln

Love Andy's cowlick! 

DZ sans 'stache- eating what looks like gruel. "May I have some more, please, sir?"

A cold looking Jens F.A. Voigt- 2008 Tour de Pologne winner! F'ing A right he is!

Fab Fabian looks much better in this picture than in the one a couple of posts down.

Carlos Sastre Thinking: "Why the hell am I here? I could be home with my beautiful wife and new baby." 

Isn't this about the time he (and his wife) had their daughter?

Hey Sansen, what page are the Bettini and Zabel mugshots on? I couldn't find them.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a nice guy!

photo: Luc Claessen
Who do you suppose Cadel is giving the finger to? US!!?? This pic is from September 2008 Cycle Sport USA Magazine.
The article is entitled Hell for Cadel
Yet another reason why Cadel sucks.

Fan Girl Chat Room Open for Business

So I added a chat room feature to the Christian Vande Velde fan club site. The room is located on the Contact Us Page. I figure that maybe during the long, boring, off season, and during the exciting "on" season we might want a place to chat in real time.

I believe you have to have java installed in order to use the room. Other than that it's pretty easy. I am able to get into it, but I am not sure if you guys can yet. It would be kind of boring to chat with myself, but I'll do it if I have to.

I'm thinking if anyone is interested we could have maybe some set times of operation when we are all on line.

Let me know what you all think. If you are not interested I'll disable it.


Bernhard Kohl

photo: John Segesta
So I figured I would continue with the gritty theme that's been going on at this blog for the last few posts. Here is Bernhard Kohl in a pic from Road Magazine. He does look like he just got finished sweeping a chimney, but other than that he doesn't look too bad. What do you all think?
I'm telling you- Kohl is a serious contender for next year's Tour, but he will be a MARKED MAN! Moreover, I seriously wonder what the dynamics will be at Snore-Lotto- or whatever they are calling themselves next year- what with Cuddles in there looking for Kohl to work for him.
Anyone know who the Team leader will be?

A Little Disappointed.......

No I'm not disappointed with this photo by Tim Koelln. Andy looks great to me in this pic. A little gritty, yet still cute.

This is why I am disappointed:

Now, I know I will stir some controversy here, and I am ready for the full brunt of your rage. Let me preface this post by saying that you all know that I love Andy Schleck like an adopted son. The boy can do no wrong in my eyes.

However.......I am a little disappointed in his reaction to what happened at the 2008 Tour de Pologne. Rules are rules after all. 

Andy was very annoyed at his time loss because of a "stupid rule." The rule, in this case, is one that states that time lost due to a crash in the final 3K of the finish does NOT apply to hill top finishes. Now, Andy didn't seem too bothered by this rule on stage 6 of the 2008 Tour de France when yellow jersey wearer Stefan Schumacher touched Kim Kirchen's wheel (after Kim had touched his brakes) and crashed 300 M from the finish. This crash ultimately put Kirchen into the yellow jersey and allowed Frank Schleck to finish 4th in the stage. 

I believe that Andy's reaction to the "stupid rule" may reflect the passions of youth, and I believe that some day he will come to realize that as Bjarne Riis says, "It's not the first or last time something like this is going to happen." In my heart of hearts I hope that he will come to realize that rules is rules- even if they are stupid- and that if it's not fair to him, then it's also not fair to guys like Schumacher. As Kim Kirchen says in this video from after the stage, "that's the rules."

Typically, in a hill top finish you're not getting a massive sprint with a huge field. I think the rule only applies to flat stages for safety, so that everybody doesn't feel like they have to be in that front group, thus causing huge crashes that can wipe out the whole field.

According to Cycling News this is what happened in stage 6 of the 2008 Tour de France.

Anywho, I'm a little disappointed in my boy, but I'm sure that with experience he will be able to keep his anger/passions in check.

Love ya Andy!

What a Notty!

Thanks to anonymous to turning us on to this great link of very unique photos from the peloton.

I kind of had to chuckle at this pic of Fab Fabian. Some fangirls I know adore Cancellara. In this pic he is seriously hot. NOT! Sorry Helsy:P

Can Someone Please Give me Some Answers???

What happened to Andy and Frank Schleck at the Tour of Poland? I can't find any news anywhere and rumors, and sugarplums are dancing in my head. Does anyone know what the story is??? Help a sister out and tell me that the boys are OK.

Congrats to Jens Voigt (he rocks)

Andy Schleck: Recognized for Excellence Throughout the Known World

photo: Bernard Papon

So anyway, my husband raced in this Cat 5 RR yesterday. Cat 5 basically means beginner in this neck of the woods. You have to start 10 races before you can move up to cat 4. They used to just start you at Cat 4, but I think too many idiots were getting injured in a larger field, so they added the Cat 5.

Real-life example of idiocy and dangerosity in amateur RR: The guys are riding on one lane of a 2 lane road and there is traffic in the other lane. They are in a bunch going down the hill at about 40 mph. This idiot on a Cervelo decides to take a drink from his water-bottle. He kinda does a little weaving- hits the sand at the side of the road and crashes hard. Bye Bye Cervelo (snapped the fork), Hello hospital. Honest to god. But I digress.

Well, my hubby isn't really a beginner, he's been racing since he was a junior, but he recently started doing it again kinda seriously. Road, Mountain, and psycho-cross. So, that's why he's there. So, he decided he was going to start at the front of the field and kick ass; which he did. He ended up coming in 3d. Gotta a bunch of chotchka and a rose for me :)

The point of this whole (silly) story: This dude who was also in the race came up to Jon after the race and said "Dude, (I don't know if he really said dude, but it sounds right) you were totally like that guy Andy Schreck or Andy Schleck, whatever his name is."

The Real Point of this Whole Post: Andy Schleck is Recognized for excellence throughout the known world. Even in 3d world countries like Connecticut.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

From the Aussie Version of the Onion:

Andy- Stage 17 Giro

Lance Armstrong risks his legend with a TDF Comeback.

No Shit Sherlock- Tell me something I don't know.

The article does mention that Team Saxo Bank is pinning its hopes on young Andy. 

The Boy has Potential

Andy Schleck has more potential to be a Tour winner than his older brother Frank.

The younger of Luxembourg's famous Schleck brothers, Andy is considered a future winner of the Tour thanks to his youth, climbing prowess and cock-sure attitude while racing in the company of more established stage race riders.

Having taken his stock sky high with a runner-up place behind Danilo di Luca in the 2007 Giro D'Italia. Schleck will race his first Tour- an altogether more challenging affair than the Giro- in the company of Frank, who in recent years has been more used to providinv assistance in the mountains to Spanish team leader Carlos Sastre.

For this race CSC may leave their options open, depending on just how Sastre is faring once the race hits the critical stages, although both riders may find themselves playing catchup to Evans (NOT) and Valverde in the time trials.

VdV= Best in the U.S.

photo: Jonathan Devich

Christian Vande Velde is the Best in the U.S.! According to Cycling News:

Christian Vande Velde has added another feather to his cap during an excellent season by topping the USA Cycling Professional Tour Standings. After winning the Tour of Missouri overall title last weekend, The Garmin-Chipotle rider finished the 14 event series with 272 points. It was enough to better defending champion (creepy guy) Levi Leipheimer who amassed 244 points.

Go VdV!

Also in the article are some more (negative) reactions to Sir Lancelot's proposed return for the 2009 season.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Does the 'stache Give Power? Plus I love Garmin Chipotle p/b H30

So how psyched was I today when I got home and saw that I had received a care package from Garmin Chipotle! I guess they like the VdV Fan club site. Anywho, in addition to some wickedly awesome argyle socks and a cap; I got these cool cards about some of our fave riders. The one above is autographed by Tom Danielson. Yeah Boy!

VdV- My fave by all measurable criteria.

Dave Zabriskie: other people's fave. Now here is the question: Does the 'stache give power? Below is the back of the card with DZ sans stache. You decide.

Now here's Steve Cozza with Stache. Next pic he has no stache. Is power attached to the stache? Again, you decide.

Anywho, This totally made my day. Thank you Woody from Slipstream Sports! I totally did not expect such an awesome package. You guys truly rock in my book!