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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What Team Was He On?

Andy Giving an Interview at Age 13. AWWWWW............

Anybody know what team he was on? Was it Cyclocross?

Thanks Emma!

Quote from Bjarne Riis: "He's still young and still a sensitive guy. But, I believe he is ready to win the Tour." 


Helen said...

Awwww!! You could tell at that age he was gonna turn into a cutie!

Maggie said...


Bridget said...

:D This has made my day!

emma said...

I just saw that one part of the interview, but it was just so cute! he was talking about how their races were always like 40 km long, but the pros' races were like 180 km long.
and then he said that that was still a huge step to take.
His voice was also so funny xD
[omg, sorry for my crappy english]

Maggie said...

Your English is great, Emma! Do you know if this interview is out there on the net anywhere? Youtube? I tried locating it, but haven't had any luck so far.

Thanks again!


emma said...

It's not on youtube, i found it on rtl.lu
it was a report about how andy became second in the giro 2007, so i had to look in the archives of rtl^^
i don't know if you want to do all this just to see a few minutes of andy, but:
the link is http://rtl.lu/tele/videoarchiv/

then you have to search for june 3rd 2007.
you can do that in that box that says "emissiounen"
you just have to select:
vum: 3. juni 2007
bis: 3. juni 2007
and then click "sichen"

and then there's a list of shows where you have to click "journal"
then you get the whole news of that day, but the report about andy is quite at the beginning. it starts at 1:40.
so..that's a bit complicated..well, i just hope that video works outside of luxembourg, i have no idea..
i think the language will sound pretty funny to you^^

Maggie said...

You Rock, Emma! I got to the video and I'm trying to upload it to Youtube so I can post it here. Not much luck. I'll try harder tomorrow. Is the blond lady in the pink Bravo Andy shirt his mom?

What a lovely family!


emma said...

Yep, that's andy's mom.
It's so funny when she's hugging him and then he notices the camera.. xD
I really hope you can upload the video, cause i don't always want to look for it on rtl.. :)
So you've downloaded it already? Cause i have no idea how to do that.

Maggie said...

Yup, but when I played it back everybody is upside down, backwards and green. YIKES! I don't get it. I posted the directions that you sent though, until I figure out what the heck I am doing wrong.

It is funny when Andy's mom hugs him and he is like "hey there's a camera...ooopps!"

He is too cute!