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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

VdV with Horns?

Photo Credit Peter DeJong

Thanks for sharing this Nikki. It's Hilarious! From 2007 Tour. I kind of get the horns I think, but the flag has me a little mystified. Guess he couldn't hold it in his hands if he was riding, but he could have stuck it to one of his horns or something.

PS: Is that just a trace of the Luxembourg flag I see in the upper right? Right by his horn.


Anonymous said...

Yeah that is trace of the luxembourg flag :-)

Helen said...

Haha, Frank's nearby then, yay :] Love this picture, i have a Christian pic or two to send ya actually! I'll do that now..would just link them but apparently that doesn't work for me :[

Maggie said...

Thanks Helen- You rock!