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Saturday, August 30, 2008

US Nationals ITT Final Times

The USA Pro Nationals ITT  was a circuit of 3 - 6.9 miles.

Dave Zabriskie 40:39
Tom Zirbel 40:44
Christian VdV 40:49
RR starts at 1:00 PM tomorrow, Sunday, 8/31/08 LiveStream


Helen said...

YEAH! Go DZ!!!! :D

sansen said...

Awesome for DZ and CVV!

Maggie said...

The live feed was pretty crappy. Audio/video in and out. They promised that they would have it good to go for tomorrow. Zirble was kind of a surprise for me.

I'm hoping that Christian VdV was saving his legs for tomorrow. That's what a lot of people were saying. It was actually pretty cool with the streaming. I could type a question and the commentator, Nathan O'Neill, would answer it.

I'm thinking George Hincappie is going to really going to go for it tomorrow. He and Tyler Hamilton didn't race today because they wanted to save their legs.

Dave Z was awesome though.

They say there will be photos posted on the website tonight.