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Friday, August 22, 2008


Just so everyone knows; I just sprayed the whole blog with troll spray. We'll see if it works.
For anyone just checking in, this is a gentle reminder that this blog is designed to be silly, nonsensical, and filled with pseudo-truths and half lies; ALL BASED ON FACT! 

The mission of this blog is to spread the love for Andy Schleck and other awesome cyclists, while showing the true Cadel Evans to the world.

We like to argue a lot. Above is one of my readers (the cute little Asian girl) arguing with Monty the Troll. Luckily trolls can't swim, so hopefully this one will sink to the bottom soon.
Above is a picture of Monty the troll starting his blog on why he/she/it hates this blog. Personally, I am flattered that this troll is passionate enough, and silly enough to be one of my devoted readers. 

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Helen said...

Lmao... That's all :] Where I can get me some of this spray? Do you think my local depot will have it?