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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is Classic!

Read this December 2007 Entry from the Plastic Pelaton. Cadel Evans & Master Yoda-- The force is NOT strong in this one!

"Cadel Evans. Won the Pro Tour he did. Blinded by dirt in Lombardy he was, rode without vision. Guided by his senses, learned to ride without sight. Jedi Council decides he is the one to bring balance to the force. Chosen one we thought. Big mistake we made. X-Wing much faster than Ridley bicycle and young Padawan Learner not used to hyperspace jumps. Jedi must be able to lead, not follow and young Evans only happy behind other X-wings. All too much for him it was. Crashed and burned he has."

Flippin Hilarious! Poor Yoda.

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Helen said...

Possibly my favourite ever plastic peloton people, though some of the Jan Ullrich ones are just classic :] Wonder what Chiara would do to mr plastic peloton man...perhaps decapitation threats are her thing too!