Whose Gloucester video is better?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sorry Sansen!

What's up with the circle shaving thing on his head? Did he have brain surgery recently? Maybe the Girls at the Salon overdid it a bit.

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Helen said...

Or maybe Robbie McEwen did him over ;] I've always felt there's a lot of animosity between the pair. Until stage 18 of the Tour I never saw them speak...they seem to avoid each other and it's Cadel's fault that Robbie had no teammates to help in sprints so maybe Robbie got sick of his ego, the fact he has his own car and doesn't ride on the team bus, his stupid bodyguard, his threats, that damn dog and his sulky face and decided to teach him a lesson, rockstar Robbie style, which probably involved wheelies and surfboards and heavy metal music. :] Yes i have nothing to do and i can't sleep, crazy theories are right up my street tonight.
But this picture isn't pleasant...i found a blog that features cyclists and their families, it's pretty good. Some gorgeous ones of cancellara and his kid. www.velofamily.skyrock.com It also has others of Cadek and Ciara, but not quite so revolting :p