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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sastre will Compete in la Vuelta: Will Andy?

La Vuelta a Espana begins on September 1, 2008

All I see is Sastre for CSC so far.

Garmin Chipotle and Columbia will NOT be competing. 
Bummer- No Big George or Christian VdV

So, Carlos will definitely be racing for CSC in la Vuelta. At least according to this article from May, 2008. However, I cannot confirm that Andy or Frank will be participating. All the CSC Saxo Bank site says is who the directors will be. 

2008 Team CSC

Does anyone know for sure if Andy will be racing in la Vuelta? Any confirmation would be great.  Not sure if Versus will be showing it, but I know Telemundo will be in the States.

Andy (Cutie Pie)

Here is a pic of Andy and Frank warming up in China prior to the Men's Road Race. Aren't they cute? Their mom, Gaby, must be sooo proud!

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