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Friday, August 15, 2008

Rebuttal to Sebastian: Or Na na na na na na!

Note: This is not a picture of me sticking out my tongue. I am just using it for the 
"na na na na na na!" effect.

Hi All- Just got back from Vegas. Lost millions, but hey- what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? 

I received the following comment from one of my 5 or so readers, Sebastian. I'm kind of beat, but I thought I'd stick my rebuttal in before I start counting sheep. Please note that all words in yellow are Sebastian's (not mine.)

Sebastian said:

"the problem with these circuit courses is that, since they do one climb over and over again, this climb can never be hard enough to allow a pure climber like andy s to drop all-rounders like rebellin and schleck.

by the way, every reason to dislike evans is also a reason to dislike leipheimer. just saying"

Because of my total lack of knowledge, and the silly nature of this blog; I feel qualified to rebut Sebastian's statements. The following are my rebuttals and some other nonsense:

  1. Did you know that if you press the shift key before typing a letter that begins a sentence or a proper noun it will cause the letter to become a capital on your screen? Further, commas are a very useful punctuation tool. They indicate a pause (when used correctly.) Book suggestion for brushing up on grammar in writing: Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynn Truss.
  2. How is "andy s" going to "drop all-rounders like rebellin and schleck?" Isn't "andy s" actually Andy Schleck? Is he going to drop himself? How would he go about doing so? Sounds kind of argy bargy to me.

   3. Look at the picture above of Levi Leipheimer. Notice he is giving the peace sign? This indicates to me that he is in favor of world peace. In addition, he is smiling. Body language says a lot, and a picture says a 1000 words, or something like that. I feel that his smile and gestures can be interpreted as his philosophy on life. Peace on earth. Good will towards men (and women, children and pets- but he won't hit you if you try to touch his dog or cat. "You know who" will.) 

See video below: Cadel threatens decapitation to anyone who touches his dog! 
What a doughball!

4. Now back to Levi. Notice the codpiece Levi is sporting? He obviously has large ones.

5. Yes, Levi is similar to Cuddles in that he does not attack enough in my opinion. Please see me previous post where I said that Levi is kind of a punk. Personally my favorite Americans: are Big George (1st 5 time Olympic cyclist competitor,) Christian VandeVelde, and Dave Zabriski (who came in 12th by the way.)

6. Levi received the Bronze medal in the ITT. That means that he (Levi) came in 3d. Cadel Evans came in 5th. Hmmmm.......this must mean that he (Levi) does indeed rock while Cuddles does not.

7. Levi is an American. Therefore to demonstrate my national pride I feel that I must support him. 

8. Cadel Evans: Just look at him.

9.  Cuddles obviously doesn't rock, while Levi does indeed rock because he (Levi) medaled in the Olympics and Cadel did not.

Well, that's cleared up. I have yet again proven (using very little actual factual information and data) that Cadel Evans sucks, Andy Schleck rocks, and Levi Leipheimer rocks (even though he is kind of a punk.)

Thank for chiming in Sebastian. I hope I cleared up, or added to your confusion. Honestly, no hard feelings. I'm just a self proclaimed geek who will defend Andy Schleck (and just about any other cyclist) while trash-talking Cadel Evans whenever I can. "just saying."

Remember, the primary mission of this blog is demonstrate why Andy Schleck rocks and Cadel Evans does not.




Helen said...

Hey! Welcome back! :]

Helen said...

Oh and this person is just clearly bitter about Evans being second or lower in everything :P

Maggie said...

Hi Helen! Good to be back. 110 deg F in Vegas. Whew. Had fun though.

Anonymous said...

if you are going to take the time out of your life to blog, can you please first just make sure that you (not to mention any poor soul that stumbles across your words) wouldn't actually be better off silent... or, at the least, start actually considering reality before speaking or typing. otherwise you will remain an absolute waste of resources to which, at the present, you obviously are. it doesn't need to be that way though. you can be a productive and essential part of humanity. use this opportunity to change. please.

Maggie said...

Hi Anonymous,
You are obviously missing the point. Either that or you are a bitter Cadel fan. Personally, I can't believe you wasted time out of your "productive and essential" life to attempt to chastise me. And why are you reading this blog anyway? You must have read quite a bit to come to such scathing conclusions of my grip on reality. Shame on you for wasting your time and mine!

Stumble on to a blog that is more to your liking my dear. I am not asking you to read this one. :P

Also, you might want to consider using that shift key.

Have a great day! (Sebastian- you can't try to pretend to be anonymous you silly person!)

josenka said...

I'm not a blogger, just a blog lurking reader who's not happy but ecstatic to find another place devoted to the athlethic cuteness that is Andy Schleck with gratuitous [sic?] mentions of other hot, er, talented writers lacking squeaky Aussie whines.

joseka said...

I typed writers but I meant riders!

Maggie said...

Cool- This blog is pretty silly, but I try to throw in cute pics to make up for it. Check out Helen's blog on my link list for some really cute cyclists' pics.

MouseHouse said...

This has become my favourite blog. I am Australian, with an innate and treasonous dislike of Cadel Evans. Your blog has given me courage to shout at the screen when I see him competing. And not in a good and encouraging way. I didn't like him in the Tour, and I was glad that he wimped out on the Beijing Road Race. A true and courageous rider would Attack! Attack! Attack! Like Andy.

I have a thing about big noses on men. Andy and that other young dude both have big noses. Perhaps this makes them more aerodynamic?

Maggie said...

Glad you like the blog. I really have nothing against Australia or Australians, it's just so easy and so fun to rank on Cadel. I see he's riding in la Vuelta. Hopefully he'll provide me with some new material :) with his antics!