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Friday, August 1, 2008

Predictions Came True! Plus Look how Cute Andy is!

Thanks again for the great Photo, Helen! Notice the humility in Andy's face and gestures? He's like "Me? You want to photograph me?" 

Bloggers on Bicycle.net show that "Lance was wrong and they were right!"

Synopsis by Maggie (I bring you the facts and let you, the reader decide.)

Why Cadel didn't win the Tour de France:
  1. "Lance apparently thought Cadel could do it singlehandedly, whereas we thought this was, uh, rubbish." Exactly right English Bloggers! (I can tell they are English by the use of the word "rubbish."
  2. " We said Cadel was no Lance." Right-O!
  3. "What we saw when the race entered the Alps was a virtual gang beating of Cadel Evans by CSC." Yeah Boy! And who was on Cadel's wheel? Andy!
  4. "Bjarne Riis sicked the Schleck brothers on Evans and told them to make Evans jump." At that point I think Cadel was beyond jumping. The boys from Luxembourg cat and moused him all the way to the top of Alpe D'Huez.
  5. "Then look at the faces of the Schleck brothers during the entire climb up the Alpe. [sic] What you won't see, is huge amounts of pain. I think I saw a smile on Andy's face as he jumped after one breakaway then another." I noticed the same thing! Andy smiles as he climbs Alpe D'H. See a previous post for Andy's conversations with Cadel during the climb. Andy Rocks. Cadel does not.

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