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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Does the Devil Play Favorites??!!

Thanks for the link Sansen! Great pics. Here is a question: Can cyclists become possessed by demons during races? I'm watching some Reality TV Ghost kind of show right now and they are exorcizing some little kid. Personally she just looks like a brat to me. Put away the holy water and open the can of whup ass. 

Anywho, What do you all think about this disturbing possibility? Both Frank and Christian (and Andy to a certain degree) look like they are possessed. Could it be possible? Maybe this is how cyclists will replace EPO; they will sell their souls to THE DEVIL!


Sharon said...

LOL, I think the devil just make them crazy, that dude is nuts.

This is Pon by the way, which is just a nickname, I totally forgot I had created a blogger account for my work placement.


Nikki said...

I've heard the devil has a wee bit of an odor as well so maybe that's what drives the faces? tee hee:-)

Helen said...

Haha. It's possible, I mean once Armstrong was riding the Tour he was like a man possessed the way he went out to win it. So maybe. We know it's better for the body than EPO...well unless the demon/devil posessing them injuries them somehow [i've watched supernatural far too much...]. I think Andy has a great Lance-posessed-esque face. :]

Maggie said...

The Devil Rules! (Even if he is smelly) That guy has been doing it for like 100 years. Didi something or other.

Rina said...

LOL, yeah the devil rules and girls I think I have made Maggie very busy with my goodies ;-)