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Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympics Poll Closed!

Well- the Olympics Poll on this blog has officially closed. The results are in. The quantitative data generated through this poll is undisputable. I think I'll write my dissertation on it. Maybe a Mixed-Methods Review where I interview the participants as well.

RESULTS: Olympics: Objective or Subjective?

  1. 8% of people polled believe that the Olympics are Objective. (Are you nuts, Monty??!)
  2. 41% of people believe that the Olympics are Subjective. ( Good- at least some of my readers have a clue.)
  3. 16% of people polled can not decide. (Stop straddling the fence! Make a decision already!- unless of course you are a US politician- then I guess it's OK.)
  4. 33% of people polled responded "Look a Chicken!" (OK- I admit one vote in that category was me.)

Yes Helen, I included the above pic of the Olympic Rings in your honor. Why are they made out of donuts? In the words of Homer Simpson, "MMMMMM.....DONUTS!"

NOTE: The poll on Whether or not cannibalism is worse than the threat of decapitation is tied at 50% for each response. Wow! I'm starting to wonder about you guys.


MontyZooma said...

Mmmmm, more subjective trite.....
Sorry to rain on the parade, but the Olympics are trite as well as your blog.
I am still looking for reasons why andy schleck is the best bike racer in the world. That is one thing he will never be. His brother maybe (and thats a big maybe). The guy most likely to fill those shoes in this generation of cyclists is Alberto Contador - ie. someone who can climb hills, time trial, attack AND chase. At this stage, andy can only do the chicken dance.
No doubt Cuddles and Alberto will beat him next year at the tour.

Bridget said...

I was a vote for the chicken too! :D
Andy is a legend. Cuddles is... ugh.
Love your blog!

Maggie said...

Thanks Bridget! Great minds think alike!

Helen said...

I voted subjective. One has to wonder why this Monty thing keeps popping back if it's all trite. Ah well, i don't reckon it's trite.
And i hadn't seen this before, i think someone's done it as a spoof :P We had some crappy logo for it, all like bright colours and weird shapes.

Helen said...


See there's our official logo. Why bright pink? Apparently it also comes in blue, green and will 'evolve' as we get closer to 2012. Erm, i wish i knew tbh. Guess who much it cost to design? £400,000. :|

Rina said...

I could not get into the page I am sorry!

Helen said...

I swear this blog doesn't like me including links, instead of trying again i'll simply say google 2012 olympic logo and it'll come up under the images in all its fluorescent glory.

Maggie said...

Helen- remember the blog is possessed! Of course it won't post your trite links. By the way- have you noticed the overuse of the word trite by a certain troll?

There is a book called a thesaurus where we can look up words to find words with similar meanings. This way we can expand our vocabulary and not sound like a troll on a broken record.

Trite: Lacking power to evoke interest through overuse or repetition; hackneyed. (HMMMM....who keeps repeating the word trite? Maybe that troll is trite?)

Some words to use in place of trite so that we don't sound like we have a limited vocabulary:

Synonyms: banal, bromidic, clich├ęd, commonplace, corny, hackneyed, musty, overused, overworked, platitudinal, platitudinous, shopworn, stale, stereotyped, stereotypic, stereotypical, threadbare, timeworn, tired, warmed-over, well-worn, worn-out.

Isn't expanding our vocabulary fun?

sansen said...

All I can say about the cost of the London Olympic Logo, after converting to dollars, euros, and yen to justify my initial reaction, is this: WTF!?!

Maggie said...

Zackly! 734,920 Freakin' dollars. OMFG! It looks like something someone had in a drawer (like a bunch of wadded up papers) pulled out, and said, "Hey! Why don't we use this piece of crap!"

Maggie said...

Oh yeah- I forgot-



Helen said...

Haha, well I love this blog so it's all good.

And i love expanding my knowledge. My personal favourite replacement word for trite is threadbare. Kinda like someone's excuses/ justifications for why we're stupid and Cuddles isn't.