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Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympics: Objective or Subjective?

Rhythmic Gymnastics: Above

So, I've been thinking (dangerous.) I've come to the conclusions that some so-called sports should be eliminated from the Olympics because the way these sports are evaluated is WAY TOO SUBJECTIVE!

Basically, anything that is judged should be pitched because the judges are biased and can be paid off, threatened, whatever.

Table Tennis (above) can stay because you either win or lose based on how many points you get. OBJECTIVE!

Javelin- This can stay because whoever chucks the stick the farthest wins. Period. No ambiguity in this event. You can't argue the results. OBJECTIVE!

Gymnastics- has to go! I know I know people love to see these malnourished young girls flinging their bodies around on pieces of equipment that you and I will never come across in real life. Maybe we can keep gymnastics as an exhibition only thing or something. SUBJECTIVE!

Cycling- no brainer- it stays. Whether it's Track, RR, ITT, Mountain, whatever- the guy who crosses the line first wins. Provided he's not caught doping. Not sure about BMX yet. Have to see how it works Olympic Style this week. OBJECTIVE!

Quick Question: Watching Men's Team Pursuit right now. If the British track racers are so dominant (Paul Sherwin's words) then how come there aren't more of them in the pro pelaton?

Track Cycling stays because it is OBJECTIVE. Note: I love the race where they go REALLY SLOW and then sprint the final lap. That's cool. OBJECTIVE!

Diving- Gotta Go! Because it is not based on goals, time, or measurement of how far you can chuck something it is SUBJECTIVE. Again, Maybe keep it as an exhibition. SUBJECTIVE!

What are your thoughts on this controversial, thought provoking proposition??


Helen said...

Nice blog! I feel i should defend my riders :P There aren't more British guys in the pro peloton because it's a lot harder for them as most start on the track and are track based. Take Chris Hoy for example, now he's a rider who would make a great road sprinter but he's never fancied it. Cycling in Britain as in actually competing has suffered these past few years and it's only recently we've actually started getting any riders around. I mean you have Millar, Cavendish and Wiggins [though this year he sacrificed road for olympic prep] and Geraint Thomas is still up and coming. But not many British riders can get the big contracts :[ And i agree with most of this article!
Like I was watching a little of the gymnastics at 2am last night when i couldn't sleep and i saw a Chinese girl and an American girl. The American was so much better but the Chinese girl got more marks, go figure.
The sprints are interesting, i was trying to explain to my friend why they go so slow but he didn't get it. I also adore Madison which is Tuesday morning [tomorrow].

Maggie said...

Madison is cool. I like the way they fling their partners. Looks like Bobby Lea and Mike Friedman are representing the US.

Thanks for the explanation about Brit Cyclists and pro pelaton. Makes sense. ;)


Maggie said...

Wonder if Friedman will be wearing a mask? |-D