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Thursday, August 28, 2008

news on US Nationals

A weekend of Family fun is planned!! I don't know how much fun that kid is having with the weird banana man. I'd be scared shitless.

More importantly: Versus will cover the races on September 7, Cyclism Sunday. It's a week late, but oh well.

Live Streaming of Saturday's ITT 8/30/08 will begin at 11:00 AM ET. Presented by Rock Racing.

Live Streaming of Sunday's Road Race 8/31/08 will be presented by Rock Racing with commentary by Nathan O'Neill. They'll be using the "Rock Cam!" Sounds kinda painful.  Anyway the race starts at 1:00 PM ET.


Helen said...

And i thought clowns were scary :[ I wasn't a huge banana fan anyway..their similarity to guns is too offputting and i have a weird fear of peeling back the skin and finding a tropical spider/ insect. Irrational fear i know, but i'll stick to Apples, mango and grapes :]

sansen said...

Dear Versus,

Your oft-sought cycling coverage is, in common terminology, sucky. Yes, I will endeavor to watch it because I am desperate to ogle comely cyclists, not to hear what coloful colloquialisms that Sir Phil Liggett has to spruce up the commentary between two-minute commercials for "The Contender: Muay Tai" and "TapOut." Thank all cosmic forces in creation that the Internet will provide supplemental coverage to your zealous commercialism that has ruined your ratings.

Your disappointed viewer,


Maggie said...

Sansen......that angst is coming through again. I think you should send the letter though.

MontyZooma said...

Good morning Fat Fighters......Tiday, we're going to talk about why this blog is worth taking the piss out of...
1. Its written by a chick
2. The owner of the block has never raised a sweat.
3. The owner of the blog can't ride a bike.
4. The owner of the blog has 'issues'...with...i'm not sure who i want to marry this week....


Maggie said...

hmmm...so you don't like "chicks." I'm definitely sensing some homo-erotic fantasies as you continue to read the blog in such a scary and obsessive way.

Bridget said...

Why does this Monty read this fabulous blog if it dislikes it so much?

sansen said...

...The owner of the block has never raised a sweat...

Dude, I love typos! Everyone makes typos, but some typos are awesomer than others. I don't know about the awesomeness of this one though it amused me.

Now, stranger person, are you amused by us? I don't know, but let fangirls (and fanboys) be silly if they please. If you're so serious about who chooses to be cycling fans than this forum isn't for you; create your own and be ever-so-selective because it seems the likes of us don't meet your standards. Oh well, not everyone gets along in politics and sports but it doesn't mean being an outright asshole. Please be more subtle, more intelligent, and more creative with your insults to this blog and the majority of its readers that somehow seem to inflame your cycling passions.

Maggie said...

What does "Tiday" mean?

Wow! I didn't know I owned this blog! Cool! I thought it was just kind of a free thingy for people to "get their blog on."

I think I'll start charging rent.

Rock on, Dudes!