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Saturday, August 16, 2008

MY VICTORY! USADA anti-doping program

Dopers still suck:

So, I have to give props to the USADA (US Anti-Doping Agency.) The My Victory program was established in July, 2008. The United States followed the lead of the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency.)

Basically, Athletes take a pledge to stay "clean." 

This is a great program that will help amateur and professional athletes (hopefully many cyclists) to self-regulate themselves. Athletes who participate agree to frequent drug tests.

Thus far 3 US Olympic cyclists have taken the pledge: Kristen Armstrong, Jeremiah Bishop, Christine Thorburn and Sarah Hammer. Good for you guys. You Rock!

Even with this program in place; many Olympic athletes have been caught and disqualified. 

Wouldn't you think they would get it by now? If you are going to compete professionally; YOU WILL BE TESTED, and you probably will be caught. 

Does anyone out there know of a list of pro cyclists who have "taken the pledge?" I can't seem to locate one.

Below is an interview with Lance Armstrong where he talks about "doping." (Even though I kind of suspect him of doping; he still rocks.) 

Below is a video of Jeremiah Bishop (Killer Mountain Biker) who took the pledge.


Helen said...

Awesome. It's what needs to be done :] Hopefully other big names will sign it. I think finally something is being done world wide to combat doping.

Random linkage - http://velofamily.skyrock.com/photo.html?id_article=1920155541&rev=1

proof that Cadel Evans can smile! That he WAS drunk [its from the TDF after-party] and that his wife Chiara is far too pretty for him. Pft.

Maggie said...

I think Cadel looks more like he is screaming in agony at his second place finish in the Tour and 5th place finish in the Olympic ITT :)

But his wife is too cute for him.