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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Picks for Olympic RR and TT + Cadel Evans Drops out of Olympic TT

Well, Cadel's knee injury (that he sustained at a post-tour sympathy party) have caused the Aussie to opt out of the Olympic Men's Time Trial. Yes, honest to goodness, he fell down at a party. As my fellow blogger, Helen says: "We all know he was drowning his TdF sorrows and can't handle his beer." 

Anyway, here are my picks for the Olympic TT on Thursday.

Gold= Levi Leipheimer USA- He is kind of a punk, but I think he is ready and able. After all, he had to cool his jets during the Tour.
Silver = Kim Kirchen Lux
Bronze= Christian VandeVelde USA- Allez Christian!

Maggie's Picks for Olympic Men's Elite Road Race

Gold= Andy Schleck- Allez Andy!
Silver= Levi Leipheimer/Alejandro Valverde- Can't decide
Bronze= Sammy Sanchez/Bernard Kohl-- I can't decide on this one.

We'll see how it all plays out very soon!

PS I bet that 2/3 of the guys drop out from the pollution and/or heat.


Anonymous said...

Allez Andy! Allez Andy!
Nice selection you've made!

Maggie said...


Maggie said...

I just thought this.... Does Cadel look kind of like a Nazi in this photo or is it just my imagination?