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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mount Washington Auto Road Race

These pics are from the Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hill Climb. The event was held last weekend and really the only reason it holds any interest for me is:
  1. I have actually climbed Mount Washington (with my feet) and let me tell you it was a B#@ch. You get above the tree line and you can see the summit and you think "Hey I can do this...the summit is right there." When actually it takes about another hour and a half of boulder hopping to get to the summit. Then on the way down your legs (mine anyway) are like spaghetti. Anywho, it took yours truly about 6-7 hours to go up and down Mount Washington. 
  2. My husband's bud competed in it.
  3. I thought these pics with the mist were kind of cool.

Now the auto road is the way all the shloogs who have those bumper stickers that say "This Car Climbed Mount Washington" get up the mountain. I have never driven up it, but I heard from a friend of mine that it can really mess up your transmission. It's that steep.

So this looks like a pretty fun event. Maybe next year I'll go and climb the darn thing again and meet the winners at the top. I imagine I'll have to start a bit before they will though.

Above: Ex- doper, Rock Racing Tyler Hamilton (right) with the dude I am assuming won the race. 

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Helen said...

Aw Tyler :[ That looks like veery hard work :|