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Monday, August 18, 2008

More Olympic Pics: 8/18/08

OUCH! Women's Points Race 

Chris Hoy from the UK Rocks the Velodrome!

New Event: Holding a ping-pong ball in the air through MIND POWER!

Girl Power! 
Cyclists: Kristin Armstrong, Emma Pooley and Karen Thurig

Men's keirin August 16

Don't they feed Russian Tennis Players?
Dinara Safina

Michael Phelps Seriously Rocks! 8 Gold Medals!

A rash of muggings have plagued Beijing during the 2008 Olympics.
You would think this mugger would be smart enough not to advertise his nationality. 

HOLY SHIT! What the hell is that???!!!

Tomorrow I am looking forward to the Men's Madison (online at 4:30 AM- Stupid NBC!) 


Anonymous said...

Was Kristin Armstrong Lance Armstrong his wife?

MouseHouse said...

I think I know what you mean, and the answer is "no".

Helen said...

Haha! Like the photos. Did you hear one of the shooters tested positive for doping? Mental! Madison is mental, i love it so much. But GB are marked men, no-one wants to help anyone chase down a break :[

Maggie said...

I'm watching the Madison right now. Holy crap! This has to be stressful.

I can't believe a shooter tested positive :S What the hell is that all about? Weird

Helen said...

He tested positive for beta blockers, they calm nerves and shaking which i suppose you need a steady hand for shooting. Crazy though! I spent the whole time the madison was on trying to explain to my very confused friend who i forced to watch it what was happening. He just couldn't get it. I love it though.

Maggie said...

The Madison was cool. It is amazing that there were no crashes (that I saw in my sleep deprived stumbling around looking for coffee and trying to watch it on the Mac) The hand slinging just seems weird to me though. Seems like it slows them down. I know that's kinda the point- teamwork and so on, but it's still weird.

You going to watch BMX today-tonight- whatever time it is for you? It goes 10 PM-12 AM here.

Maggie said...
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Helen said...

Nah, never really felt the love for BMX, don't know if I've missed it, been at work 7-11.30pm? Will just be going back to casual watching of the Olympics now that road and track are finished.