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Friday, August 29, 2008

Let's Help a Reader With Weight Loss

self portrait of Mont......errr I mean the anonymous reader.

One of my readers (I'll withhold the name to protect the troll..err... innocent) has confided that he /she/it has been fighting a weight problem. I decided to set up this ticker to help encourage said reader. He/she/it is starting at 472 lbs. Don't know how that translates to kilos all of you european readers. The troll's....errr....person's Goal weight is 250 lbs. Let's watch every day to cheer or laugh about every pound he/she/it gains or loses.

Update 8/30/08 Gained 5 LBS today :( 472 to 477 LBS
Update 9/1/08 Lost 2 LBS today :-P 477 to 475 (are you starting to binge and purge?)

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