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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just to Get that Last Image Out of My Head

Whew! Now I won't have nightmares.
Andy gets his kisses from the podium girls at the 2007 Giro


Helen said...

Now THIS is more like it. *sigh* so pretty. I could get lost in that smile.. thanks Maggie, you just saved my poor eyes!

sansen said...

Well, there's a ton of Schleck
photos at:


But you'll definitely need to get ahold of Andy in:


Helen said...

Haha! Love the suit, veeery trendy ;] I'd heard the suits they had to wear for the Olympics were a little...erm crappy.
Speaking for myself thankyou! New Frank Schleck [and Andy of course]photos to go at, ta!

Maggie said...

Thanks for the links, Sansen!

sansen said...

The Schleck love must be spread!

MontyZooma said...

isn't andy bi-sexual?

Maggie said...

Monty you are too funny!

Ha ha ha :P No way!

Go back to Cuddles's site and keep reading his boring, whiny diaries. Maybe buy a T-Shirt.
All you have to do is listen to that squeaky little girl voice and you know his nads have been irrepairabley pinched. Whereas Andy has a rich baritone and doesn't cringe when kissed by podium girls. (Cuddles does.)

Andy revels in his heterosexuality and actually almost missed the start of a time trial because he was checking out the pretty podium girls. See earlier post.

Glad to add a 6th reader to my fan base though. Welcome!

MontyZooma said...

oooops, sorry. Didn't mean to offend Maggie. Maybe one day you will meet him?
No doubt he is an awsome rider.
I was at the tour this year and saw all the riders and even got to talk to a few of them. lucky Andy has such a strong team behind him. No doubt in the future he will be a force to be reckoned with - saw stuart o'grady outside their team bus and asked him how andy was feeling about his dad being searched by customs officers for drugs - andy wasn't fussed about it but did say his brother was worried about the ramifications as Frank and Bijarn Riis took a trip to a notorius doctor in spain a few months prior to the tour.....silly boys. Hope andy wasn't involved.

Helen said...

Wow. Oh the alleged visit to a doctor [purely rumours from a trashy german paper taken and enhanced in CSC-bashing forums, not mentioning any in particular...http://www.cyclingforums.com/t-466349-15-1.html] wasn't this year btw, it was alleged to have happened in the 2005/2006 season i believe and allegedly involved a certain Mr Basso. See Basso being involved=believable [dodgy man..]But Frank's never given me any reason to suspect any wrong-doing unlike Ricco for example. He has never failed a drugs test and has never performed out of character in a race. Me thinks there's a lot of jealousy surrounding the Schlecks. Shame. That same poor CSC-hating forum will be seething, nearly a month since the Tour ended and still no positive drugs tests from CSC, ah well, guess they'll actually have to acknowledge Sastre, Schleck and the team's achievements. :]

Maggie said...

No offense taken, Monty. That's the beauty of free speech. Everybody is entitled to their opinion- even if it's wrong. Why on earth would you think you have offended me, of all people? I revel in offensiveness.

However, I do sense a bit of Schleck jealousy and concur with Helen. :)

Bridget said...

Dammit, can't I be a podium girl? :D